Despite What You May Think, My NFL Career Was A Success
Joey Harrington

Very nice article. It’s good to see someone with such a level head and perspective. I love watching football, but I always have to remind myself that it’s a game, it’s entertainment from my perspective, and it is a lot of real human beings putting their bodies on the line. It’s hard to balance those two aspects in my mind, as a fan.

I’m glad to hear that you see your career as a success. The fact is, anyone who plays in the NFL for even 1 game has a ton to be proud of. That puts them in the top. 0001% of athletes anywhere (ok I made that # up, but it’s probably not far off). And yeah, it’s gotta be tough when there is an army of people (sports media) who’s entire job is to create drama around your job. I don’t think many of us can relate to that.

Anyways, was an interesting read. Thanks for the perspective.

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