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What do you expect from a media that did everything possible to get him beaten and completely failed. How can you expect to rub a cat the wrong way for months and then expect that cat to love you today? How about the media remember that there are more people in this country than just minorities and these people that the media has completely ignored got fed up with being told how to talk and act by a bunch of “politically correct” people that are not supporting this country. Why are liberals so quick to preach acceptance when they don’t accept the views and feelings of half the country? Why are liberals so excited about letting illegal aliens in the country and then call everyone that wants the immigration laws enforced, racists? The liberal media needs to start supporting our country and not just half of the country and then maybe they will find themselves in a better place with the people. Right now I think a majority of the country, liberals and conservatives, don’t trust the mainstream media with any story.

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