ill get by with a little help from my friends

a year after Charlottesville, and i’m not ready for August 12th. please help my community be

❤️CONTENT WARNING: Charlottesville❤️

Dearest Friends & Family, i really need your help — and as a heads up im gonna ask you for money at the end of this short article.

this coming weekend — August 12th — is the anniversary of Charlottesville.

i was there last year and witness the most awful things that i’ve ever seen in my life. yet still, I am simultaneously equal parts supportive & super scared to see my fellow activists navigate through these uncomfortable and potentially physically & emotionally tolling spaces with grace and true courage.

and i know all too well how hard it is to come home while still holding all the tension, trauma, sadness, and adrenaline within your body after an action or confrontation with police, and not knowing what to do with it — and feeling so so so so so so alone. after last year in Charlottesville, i now know how hard it can be when you haven’t eaten for days and still have zero appitite, the violence the violence, the violence, the violence, the violence playing back through my head over and over and over and over again. and seeing people hurt by the most toxic toxic toxic white men, who we as a complicit nation have always been too insecure to confront its past.

fellow activists: i know how hard it can be to ask for help or sit out an action that your body & mind is not ready to show up for. i know how my unresolved trauma and toxic masculinity can actually make the people i care about less safe. and i know how hard that is to own that and name that and listen to that voice in my head that says “NO, i don’t consent”. i know that regardless of how aware i am of all the above, i am still feeling drawn to want to put my body between harm and those who i love. i never have been so conflicted. its ok to be, and i only urge you to check in with yourself and let me know if you need to stop by.

and i fully admit i’m not fully ready to show up on the streets again — and that’s ok. i know and deeply trust the talented and super dope local DC organizers who are going to be there for each other on that front line — and i’ll be there for them when they are ready to come off that frontline. and thats where i need your help. please share this ask. please give.

It is for all those reason above that I am offering my fellow activists a space where they can come and be with others in our community who each and everyone has legitimate reasons to stay out of the streets, just like me.

we are still ideating on how to make it a supportive and safe space with an array of mutual aid — mostly food, but also here are some nice to haves:

✊phone chargers


✊beer & wine



❤️ice cream

✊coffee & tea




❤️sage & palo santo

✊essential oils

❤️tiger balm

✊epsom salt

❤️bubble bath

✊rubber duckys

❤️crafts & painting supplies

❤️coloring books

❤️sign making materials

✊butcher paper

❤️hula hoops

❤️cake, yeah more cake

✊tylenol, advil

❤️board games

✊post event cleaning (for my mental health — i cant do vaccums)

i really wanna make this happen for folks, who like me, who need more time to recover from the trauma of last year in Cville, but got no money.

so if you would give generously and share this request with those who have resources to share in support my community and me — id be forever grateful.

The left can win, BUT we have to appreciate the different ways in which we show up — whether it’s on the front line of a counter protest of Nazis, whether it’s voter registration & GOTV efforts, or whether it’s cooking a dinner for a fellow activist, or whether its sending me as many bucks as you feel comfortable doing. we can together directly support DC local organizers and activists. we can win if we see legitimacy throughout the left.

Please directly support this effort here:

any additional funds not used will take form of reparation to Black Lives Matter DC and to other Black, Brown, and Indigenous activists to whom i owe so much. it is their work — and the work of their accountability partners in the DC Movement for Black Lives Steering Committee that inspires me to find my place in this movement.

and i invite you to reach out (after August 12th) and im happy to support you in finding your place in the work. for now, we just need money. Thank you for seeing this as a legitimate cause.

Love & solidarity,



PS: please share this event with as many people as possible: