#Tipsheet: Excellence in Journalism 2017 — Mobile Reporting and Data Viz Tools

Anaheim Marriott | Home of EIJ 2017

List of tools showcased by Mike Reilley and Victor Hernandez during #EIJ17 training workshop focusing on new and noteworthy digital storytelling applications:


Optimizing sizing of images for publishing on social platforms

iOS apps for layering text over images

iOS app for layering moving text over images

App and desktop version lets you create polished web stories with magazine style themes

App for converting weights, measurements

Build kick-ass maps

Create amazing visualizations in seconds

Scrape websites, baby!

Make PDF’s great again! (by scraping them)

Timelapse app from Instagram (iOS only)

Create photo bubbles on your iOS device

Create flyovers and zoom-in videos

Show 32 years of satellite imagery over a location


Simple tab in your browser that accompanies you throughout your day

iOS app displays crowd densities at various locations across urban areas

Android app ideal for guiding trainee journalists through newsgathering

Curious about how many of your followers are real?

It’s TweetDeck, but with all the important features; customization, emoji picker, download videos, filters, seamless updates, custom css, more

Spruce up your social quotes! Awesome mobile apps for capturing, highlighting and sharing screenshots of text.

iOS app that automatically stitches screenshots

iOS app that provides rich annotation for mobile content experiences

Does your FOIA have a shot?

Social video app from Apple featuring real-time caption feature for adding text to your mobile vid on the fly

Mobile video editing app with loads of templates for sharing on Snap, Instagram and Facebook

Ingests billions of live public digital signals like emergency services, social media, traffic, weather, and many other data sources to alert newsrooms with immediate insight into breaking events happening worldwide

Contains hundreds of online search resources including in-depth filtering capabilities for popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Free Chrome plug-in that when activated, a robo call is placed to your phone, thus allowing you to shutdown distracting coworkers — usually standing between you and that looming deadline!

Handpicked list of insanely awesome tools and resources to help you build your digital story.

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Passionate about the intersection of media + tech

Passionate about the intersection of media + tech