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Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada

One of my favorite things about living/being based out of Las Vegas is regularly traveling through McCarran airport. Getting to witness the wide range of emotions people feel when passing through.

The flood of visitors arriving aboard each flight, ready to win big at the casinos, let loose and indulge with friends, create epic memories that many hope never get shared outside of the Vegas city limits.

You can see their faces just light up as soon as visitors set foot in the terminal. Immediately greeted with blinking over-the-top Wheel of Fortune slot machines. And just that fast, the sensory overload so often associated with Las Vegas officially begins.

Thousands arrive into ‘America’s Playground’ everyday, fully expecting some of their wildest fantasies to come true. Ready for surprise and delight. To become someone else or something more adventurous, even for just a few days.

And then there’s the other end of the human emotion spectrum.

I’ll admit experiencing some level of amusement as I take in seeing the drained, exasperated and regret-filled expressions of those boarding the trams to whisk them to their journeys home.

Many still reeking of alcohol and poor decisions. Stories of just one card/spin/roll away from taking down a huge jackpot — only to leave Sin City much lighter in the pocketbook or bank account. Moving at a zombie-like pace slowly boarding their departing flights to jet-set them back to reality and routine.

For me, there’s usually a lot less ‘emotion’ traveling in/out of McCarran. It’s strictly business now. But the people-watching is amongst the best I’ve ever witnesses, something I truly love soaking in.

Particularly when killing time during inopportune flight delays.

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