Tobee® TJQ Submersible Slurry Pump is bigger than bigger.

Tobee® TJQ Submersible Slurry Pump is a kind of hydraulic machinery, the motor and the pump of which are coaxially submerged in medium to work. The wetted parts of the pump are made from high alloy wear-resistant material, so the pump has good wear resistance and large flowing passage. It is applicable for conveying medium such as sand, sludge, ore slurry, coal slurry, sandstones containing big solid particles.


Size: 50–400mm
Capacity: 10–2000m3/h
Head: 8–80m
Max.particles: 60mm
Temperature Range: ≤80°C
Materials: High chrome alloy, Cast iron, SS304, SS316L etc

Design Features:

•Vertical, Centrifugal, Submerisble pump design.

• Besides the main impeller, there is the agitation impeller which can agitate the sludge deposited on the water bottom into turbulent flow and pump the sludge out.
• The wetted parts such as the impeller and the agitation impeller are made from high-hardness high chromium cast steel, have wear resistance, corrosion resistance and strong drainage capacity, and allow big solid particles to pass.
• The motor is submerged in water, is not limited by suction stroke, and has high sludge suction rate and thorough desilting.
• The integral device is simplified, needs no auxiliary stirrer device or ejector device, and has simple and convenient operation and low total investment of the unit.
• The agitation impeller directly approaches the depositional surface, and controls the concentration through submerged depth. Under the condition of large medium proportion, an auxiliary device can be arranged to increase the concentration of the medium.

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