From Idea To Execution, My Time At The CountingOwl Team.

CountingOwl, an app for iOS & Android which lets you keep track of your online following. I’ve been part of the team for over a year. This is my story on my experience at the CountingOwl team and my highlights on the road.

It all began on the 18th of April 2016 when Rino posted a video on YouTube in which he explained his idea of making an app.

On another video on 9th of May he asked for other enthusiasts to help with the app as a side project. I mailed.

After some mailing we had the first Skype meeting together with the other teammembers. We began with seven people, each with another expertise and interests. It felt good and I’ve had a lot of fun together with the other members, which are Rino de Boer (Founder & Head), Kasper Dolk (Sales & UI), Remco Beugels (Development iOS), Daan Oosterhuis (Motion Design) & Jordy Sinke (Development Android).

A few months later we have had a lot of weekly Skype meetings in the evenings and a few ‘real’ meetings at the CoffeeBottle HQ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. All the members live in another part of the county, so almost all the communication was over the air via apps, such as Skype, Slack & Whatsapp.

After hard work, sweat and al lot of struggles was on the 4th of October 2016 the official launch of the app in the Play- & Appstore. We did it. At the same time we knew this was just the beginning.

I’ve learnt a lot working in such a team building a great app. From organizing & planning to solving user experience problems, you learn it all along the way.

The first version of the app was succesfully launched. We were getting great feedback from users and the app was rising in downloads in the first weeks.

We build new features such as setting goals for a particular followers amount and analytics of how your channel is doing the last weeks, months & years.

On 22th & 23th of April we had a booth on the biggest videoconference in The Netherlands; The Dutch YouTube Gathering in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. It was a fun weekend with the CountingOwl & CoffeeBottle team.

My responsibility was on the social side of the app. I answered questions from users and was posting new content. The 26th of June was my last day as a teammember. CountingOwl has given me a great experience, education and a lot of fun, but it is time to move on. From now on I’m going to focus myself on branding, brand identity and logo design, which is where my passion is.

Ik wil team CountingOwl en CoffeeBottle bedanken voor dit mooie project en tijd & wil deze uiltjes veel succes wensen in de toekomst van de app.

- Tobias de Calonne