Language of Food

Food is the center of it all- tradition, language and for Thailand her beauty. When you think of Thailand the first thing that comes to mind is FOOD, food plays a pivotal role not only nutritionally but also as the soul and identity of Thailand. During my stay here I have been exposed to many exquisite dishes such as Bamee mu daeng (which is very delicious I must say), and have seen the pride attached to the Thai food as there is a supply of food on almost every street you walk on, you can never truly go hungry here in Thailand. Walking on the streets of Bangkok I always see people in the early hours, perfecting their craft of food with such precision and delicacy. As a total stranger to the world of Thai food seeing from the outside in, I see how unique and creative the different types of food are and most especially much more healthier than what I am used to. If given more opportunity to share this uniqueness with the rest of the world, it will be a movement like no other. I am aware there is Thai food available around the world already which I myself have seen in the U.K, but however I can say honestly they are a cheap hand me down version of the real thing. I think the world should experience the goodness of authentic Thai food as I have, without having to come to Thailand. It will be good for more platforms to allow this exchange to happen, companies like Cinnamon Bridge are heavily into the business of aiding food businesses in Thailand to elevate to the next level. They help find ways to make food more appealing to consumers by having a unique advantage than other competing food companies. Having companies like Cinnamon Bridge who are determined to give Thai food more exposure is a good start to the appreciation of the language of Thai food.

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