Three Exercises that are Just Too Dangerous

Hitting the gym again for the first time in years can be an exciting, but stressful experience. You know that your abilities won’t be quite what they use to be, and testing your strength and coordination can be nerve racking. On the other hand, the potential benefits of intense physical exercise are exhilarating!

Throughout the fitness world today, high intensity training is the main focus. As long as you understand that “high intensity” depends on your own body and its abilities, this type of training is a good thing. However, if you try to compare your high intensity training to that of a gym veteran, you could be risking severe injury.

Women often deal with this problem the most as they are pushed past their own limits into very strenuous exercises. Going above your limit you not only run the risk of injury, but also of leaving yourself discouraged and demotivated. To help prevent some of these issues, avoid these three exercises:

1. Weighted Jumps/Squats

The squat can be an excellent full body exercise for building stability and strength, however many women are pushed into this intense exercise before they are ready. Due to the typical sedentary lifestyle of humans today, our bodies suffer from a limited range of motion. This lack of flexibility results in very poor form in most cases. Squatting with poor form will eventually result in injury.

Common form issues such as inward-buckling knees, placing too much weight on the toes, leaning to far forward and over-arching the back MUST be corrected before any weight is added. Bad form stresses your body in inefficient ways and throws off the natural balance of your muscles. Weighted jumps are by far the worst for these same reasons. Even high level athletes in the top shape shouldn’t perform weighted jumps.

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