Treating Ear Congestion at Home

Ear pain is among the most discomforting pains of all. Ear pain is more common in children and keeps them up all through the night. Not just in children, ear pain can affect just about anyone and it is just as painful and discomforting. In most case, the cause of ear pain happens to be ear congestion. if you are experiencing ear pain, the first thing that you should hence check and resolve is your ear congestion. if the pain still persists, you can then check with your doctor for any infection.

What is ear congestion and why does it happen?

Ear congestion which is typically having a blocked ear can be quite annoying. Apart from the pain you experience, there are other discomforts associated with ear congestion such as difficulty in hearing, constant itching or even headache that can be quite annoying. in order to understand how to treat the congestion in your ears, it is important to understand why it actually happens. The fact is that ears though may appear to be small and simple, are quite complex structures. There are three parts to our ears — the inner ear, middle ear and the outer ear. The middle ear is connected to the Eustachian tubes. If there is any obstruction in these tubes, fluid drainage gets affected and that causes blocking of ears or ear congestion.

There are several reasons that cause ear congestion. In most cases it is due to excessive ear wax buildup. Sometimes, nasal congestion when not treated at the right time can aggravate to ear congestion. Allergies and sinus can also cause blocked ears. Here are some home remedies that can help you treat ear congestion at your home.

Home remedies for treating ear congestion

If your ear pain is not due to any fungal or viral infections but due to ear blockage or congestion, you can try some very effective home remedies to deal with it. Here are your options –

Steam: Giving a steam to your ears can be very helpful in relieving ear congestion. You can simply heat water in a large bowl and add any essential oil to it. Eucalyptus oil is quite effective. Inhale the steam by covering your head with a towel and taking in the steam. Move your head around so that the steam gets into your ears. This will melt the excess wax and clear your ear congestion.
Nasal decongestants: Ear congestion can also be cleared with nasal decongestants. You can make a homemade solution using 1 cup of hot sterilized water mixed with half a spoon of non-iodized salt and another half a spoon of baking soda. Put a few drops of this solution in your nose and blow your nose. This will be very effective in clearing nasal as well as ear congestion.
Apple cider vinegar and alcohol: A solution of apple cider vinegar and alcohol can also be effective in treating ear congestion. You will need to add a few drops of this solution in the affected ear and let it stay for a few minutes. Use cotton balls to clear it. This method will help in dissolving ear wax and clear the congestion.
Hydrogen peroxide: Mix equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and hot water. Put a few drops of this solution in your ears and let it work its way through the wax. Once you feel it deep in your ear, turn around and let the solution drain out. This will effectively unblock your ears.
Olive oil: Warm olive oil is also an effective treatment for ear congestion.

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