My one big takeaway after teaching people how to use Snapchat, on Snapchat, for 200 days in a row…

Sep 26, 2016 · 4 min read
Teaching Snapchat Tips Daily for 200 Days

Okay, so I decided to get into live video back in January 2016, but the first thing I toiled with was which service to cut my teeth with.

I had no experience using live video, so, for all intents and purposes, I knew very little about live video.

And I think my problem of not knowing where to begin, and mainly, which service to use, is a problem we all confront when we start broadcasting video.

For me, I quickly concluded that Snapchat would be the appropriate venue to get started with live video, even though Snapchat isn’t technically ‘live.’

I chose Snapchat as the appropriate venue to get started with as it seemed simple enough to use and I liked the disposability of the posts after 24 hours. That way if I didnt’ like the content, it was gone in 24 hours anyway.

Once I opened the Snapchat app, I realized that it was not intuitive, at all, and that I really just had no idea on how to use Snapchat or where to get started.

Instead of letting that intimidate me, I decided to look up information on how to use the Snapchat platform. Although I found some relevant information on how to use Snapchat, the information was thin.

So what did I do? Instead of bailing on Snapchat and starting with Periscope, which had plenty of information available on how to use it, and was also much more intuitive than Snapchat, I decided that I’d just have to teach others how to use Snapchat, right from my first snap.

Yes, right from my first snap, when I knew nothing about snapping.

Sounds crazy, right?

All of this leads to my one big takeaway from having taught others how to use Snapchat for the last 200 days, when I had no idea how to use it myself when I got started.

Teachers Need Not Be Experts

So what I had chosen to do was to provide a valuable Snapchat tip each day, without fail, on my Snapchat account.

In doing this, I was forcing myself to dig in and learn the platform myself. I began toying with the app, reaching out and asking questions, and scouring the internet for more information that I could share with my crowd on a daily basis.

And today is day #200.

What I found back at the beginning was that, within a week or two, I had a fairly large, consistent following of people watching my daily tips.

As I said above, I was no expert. In fact, I had no idea how to use the Snapchat app, aside from what I had taught myself.

But that was good enough.

Between what I had taught myself and what I had learned by communicating with people who reached out to me on Snapchat, within days I already knew way more about Snapchat than the bulk of my audience.

Which is fantastic, right?


Not only was I forcing myself to roll up my sleeves and learn a platform, I was helping others learn the platform, and maybe even entertaining them at the same time.

This was a win-win, as I was generating a loyal group of people to consume my content, interact with me on the side about the content, and make some new friends and connections.

And I’ve done all of that.

Find me on Snapchat!

And in doing so, I’ve gone from a novice Snapchat user to an ‘expert’ Snapchat user, for lack of a better word.

I’ve taught people about how to grow their Snapchat crowd, discussed things people hate to see on Snapchat, and even created a guide to Snapchat etiquette, based upon my experiences, common-sense, and even some polling I took of the people who were tuning in to my comment, to see what they liked and didn’t like on Snapchat.

The ride has been fun. And believe me, I’ve learned a lot more about myself, live video, and teaching others and providing them valuable content, with this experience than just about any other experience I’ve ever had.

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