When you blame you, you create a needless obstacle. One that is hard to overcome.
I have many goals but little motivation to complete them, is there something wrong with me?
Declan Wilson

Everything is My Fault

If a blog post flops — my fault.

If the dog chews up my gas bill — my fault.

If I get a flat tire which ruins my day — my fault.

If I run a sale on my book and only 10 people buy — my fault.

If the deliverable doesn’t show up to the client on time — my fault.

If 72 people unsubscribe from my email list in a single day — my fault.

But guess what?

That’s okay. All of those things up there have happened. Similar and worse things will happen again. They will be my fault, too.

Do I blame myself when something goes wrong? You bet I do.

Do I doubt myself when something goes wrong? No chance in the world.

If everything is my fault, that means I can change it next time. I can’t remember the last time I lacked confidence in myself. This is not because I am perfect, but because I am still breathing. So long as my lungs expand, I get to try again.

My friend Declan said recently in his post,

“Take action, find out what doesn’t work, adapt, move forward, repeat.”

Thanks for the reminder, buddy.

— TB