I need about 300,000
I need about 300,000…pretty sure I don’t have that unless my bank is hiding it from me.
Writer, believe in people

Here’s the thing about money

It’s never satisfied me for more than a couple of seconds.

Sure, more of it has made a few problems go away, and I would love to be absolved of my home, car, and credit card debt in the blink of an eye. $300,000 would be nice.

I guess I’m curious about that number. Why $300K exactly? What is it going buy you which you don’t already have?

(It’s just now occurring to me you could be facing a health issue, so I’m going to turn down the sass a little bit.)

The point of the article is that no amount of money or information or fame is going to magically fix you. Every time I’ve gotten a raise or more followers or whatever, I still have to deal with my own demons.

Thanks, Janet, for your thoughts, and for giving me a chance to expand on this

— TB

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