Microjournaling actually sounds fun and manageable
I love the link you included here.
Kathi Neumann

Microjournaling Origins

I hated journaling.


I know I’m a writer and writers are supposed to be all into that sort of thing — getting introspective and writing about themselves for hours.

It made me sick.

After trying and failing to journal for any amount of time successfully, I knew I had to try something different.

“Fun and manageable” was exactly what I was going for when I came up with microjournaling.

First I dialed all the way back and just wrote the date every day. I went through a pretty rotten time where I never knew nor cared what day it was. They all ran together in a mass of boring and blah.

Now, I have whole pages of notebooks with just the date — reminding me every day is a gift. Today is June 23, 2016. I’ll never get another June 23, 2016.

The ten ideas piece was inspired by James Altucher and seemed a reasonable expansion. Don’t skip this step even if you can’t come up with anything to create ideas around. Instead, write “10 Reasons I’m having trouble coming up with ideas.”

(I’ve actually done this. Works like a charm)

When I finally added the “one gratitude piece,” the exercise seemed complete.

Microjournaling is long enough to get my attention and focus, but short enough to keep me from wanting to vomit at the thought of doing it in the morning.


Thanks, Kathi for letting me expand on this.

— TB