Read This if You Have Ever Felt Like a Failure

I won’t show her end of the conversation because I don’t really like to call people out, so here is half a discussion I had on Twitter last night:

I do not know this person. I had never met her before stumbling across a tweet which indicated she believed she was a failure.

Unfortunately, there is no happy ending to this sequence. I wasn’t able to convince her how much she mattered. She didn’t, as far as I know, change her perspective. I don’t know if she was the least bit encouraged by what I said.

Which leads me to this:









If there is a single person on this planet who believes they have no purpose in life, my work is unfinished. If my voice is taken away, I will write. If my hands fall off, I will pour out encouragement from my eyeballs. If my legs evaporate, I’m going to be more inspiring than ever before.

I didn’t convince my new Twitter friend, but maybe I can convince you.

You will fail, but you are not a failure.
You will fear, but you are not a coward.
You will lose, but you are not a loser.
You will quit, but you are not a quitter.

One event, no matter how miserable (or wonderful), does not define you. You have a calling. You have a reason to live. You are loved.

But, perhaps, most importantly, you are you.

Enjoy it.

— TB