This is a beautifully written piece,
Total misread.
Ryan Giordano


I wanted to do this as a response instead of a private note because I realized something I honestly hate to admit when people comment about my work.

You are right. I was wrong.

Most of the time, I err on the side of promoting my stuff. As a recovering shy kid now needing to market myself (like a lot of people do), I try to get over myself and place calls to action when I can.

But after reading back over this article, the call to action didn’t fit the post, it wasn’t relevant, and it was above all else selfish.

Thank you for the non-trolling criticism and for pointing out I’d gone too far. It’s a good reminder that not every post can be forced into lead generation.

For the same reason I refuse to put full screen pop ups on my website, I took the trick ending off this post.

Thanks for keeping me honest.

- Todd

P. S. I’d love if you sent me an email to chat. Curious about your thoughts on the state of the Internet. I won’t try to sell you anything or put you on a newsletter. Promise ;)

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