Something Good is Going to Happen.

Todd Brison
Nov 2, 2016 · 2 min read

That’s what I said when I wrote for months and months with nobody watching…

“Something good is going to happen.”

When I didn’t have the time or talent to build a website and had to rely on Medium to start my platform. I tossed myself into a sea of outstanding writers, hoping I had the chops to keep up.

“Something good is going to happen.”

When I was ready to give up, and my wife was the only one telling me I could do this.

“Something good is going to happen.”

It wasn’t a sudden moment. It wasn’t a beautiful emergence. I didn’t see the light. Nobody stepped in to save me.

But little by little, good things started to happen.

If you’re in a dark place, if you’re feeling alone, if you’re worried nobody will ever like what you have to offer the world, I hope you keep the faith. I hope you press forward in doing what you love, even if life doesn’t look so great right now.

I hope you understand that life is about drawing your own box, not fitting in someone else’s.

I hope you remember that nobody will get you at first. That’s okay. They wouldn’t need you if they understood you.

I hope you say these words when you are tempted to quit:

Something good is going to happen.

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— TB

Todd Brison
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