The Answer to an Aspiring Fiction Writer’s Biggest Question

10 minutes ago, this innocent query popped up once again:

How can I become more visible as a fiction author?

Can we get something out in the open here? It’s MUCH easier to market and sell a nonfiction book than a fiction book. We can’t pretend it’s a level playing field.

The Internet is practically designed to funnel users toward their professional interests, giving us nonfiction authors a chance to plug directly into exactly the people who would be interested in our work.

Fiction writers don’t have it so easy. Maybe if you write erotica, you could publish something like “6 Dirty Reads to Keep You Hot During Winter*,” but other than that, it’s tough out there.

What is a fiction writer to do?

Answer: Build your personal brand as an author

Stephen King sells millions of books because he’s Stephen-Freaking-King. His personal brand is so strong, we don’t even need to know what the book is about.

Here’s one way to start building your own brand today.

Reedsy and I are hosting a fiction writer competition which starts this coming Friday, December 8th… and frankly, entering is a no-brainer if you are serious about creating an author’s brand.

Your journey might just start right here.

What is the Reedsy Short Story Contest?

Every Friday, Reedsy kicks off a weekly short story contest by sending out a newsletter that includes five themed writing prompts.

Subscribers have one week (until the following Friday) to submit a short story based on one of the prompts. A weekly winner receives $50 and publication on Reedsy’s Medium blog.

The topic for my contest takeover is a “David vs. Goliath”-theme!

How can you enter the contest?

Head to to subscribe.

Then submit a story based on one of these five writing prompts to before December 15th. Word count limit is 1,000–3,000. Good luck!

If you’ve got any questions, ask — I’ll either answer your question or connect you with someone who can :)

Much love as always,

— TB

*Oh, and feel free to steal this headline for your next erotica-focused post. I won’t tell anyone.