Not worrying about what anyone thought
Todd — I really enjoyed this piece.
Joe Trey (AKA Adventure Hermit)

The Artist and The Critic

Confession: I first titled this response “Artists can’t care what people think.

I then realized that was stupid. It might have been encouraging, but stupid.

Of course artists care what people think. People are the whole point.

Sharing art is an emotional upheaval. After over 300+ posts, hundreds more videos, and a book, a piece of me still says “Are you sure you want to do this?” every time I hover over the publish button.

That voice is represented in real life whenever I see a comment like “Are you serious? This is garbage.”

But while those critics can take away from my Art, they cannot take away the fact that I am an Artist.

I will not let one loud person stop me from doing what I am meant to do for thousands of others.

Promise me you won’t either.

Thanks, Joe, for giving me the chance to expand on this. I really appreciate you picking up the book as well :)


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