Hell Bottled Up: Chronicles of a Late Propaganda Minister [Far Gone Books, 2016]

Hell Bottled Up is “an eye-opening, Gonzo journey into the dark heart of John McCain via the strange, twilight world of ultra-Right Arizona politics. Gut-wrenching, humorous and confrontational journalism issued by a propaganda specialist stationed at Ground Zero. Todd Brendan Fahey is one of the most illuminating, renegade minds in contemporary America” — Alex Burns, [former] Editor-in-Chief Disinfo.com

30 years in the making, the incendiary stories of then-Director of Public Relations of the Arizona Young Republican League and founder of the first-ever registered university chapter (Arizona State University) of the John Birch Society reveal a very different Arizona demographics; originally penned as a Master’s degree thesis, Todd Brendan Fahey has unveiled a Gonzo, political novel. Find Hell Bottled Up at Amazon/Kindle here: http://www.amazon.com/Hell-Bottled-Up-Chronicles-Propaganda-ebook/dp/B01CDL8QPY

Fahey has been interviewed in VICE magazine (by former Mondo 2000 co-founder/editor-in-chief R U Sirius), and has written for VICE/Motherboard, Mondo 2000, High Times and other counterculture institutions of today and yesteryear. His published interviews include: Ken Kesey; Timothy Leary, cyberpunk author John Shirley; media provocateur Douglas Rushkoff; nerd and genius Mark Frauenfelder, of bOING bOING ‘zine fame, and cyberspaceman John Perry Barlow.

A graduate of the Master’s of Professional Writing Program at University of Southern California, Fahey was taken under the wing of Hubert Selby, Jr., [Last Exit to Brooklyn], with whom Fahey took classes for two years. Having completed Ph.D coursework in American Literature/Creative Writing at University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Fahey produced short stories in a fiction writing course led by Ernest J. Gaines [The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman].

Todd Brendan Fahey is currently at work on pre-production facets of film adaptation of his psychedelic thriller Wisdom’s Maw.

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