The Middleditch-Horinouchi Connection

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I recently realized that Thomas Middleditch and I may be related.

For those of you who don’t know, Thomas Middleditch is an actor and comedian. He starred in the HBO series, Silicon Valley— one of my favorite TV shows. Last Fall, his three-episode special called, Middleditch and Schwartz, dropped on Netflix. They consist of live tapings of his long form improv show with his comedy partner, Ben Schwartz. Highly recommended!

So how can Middleditch and Horinouchi be related? You see, what I realized this morning while brushing my teeth is that Middleditch is the English version of my last name, Horinouchi. In Japanese, “hori” means “moat,” like the “ditch” around a castle. “Uchi” means “inside” or “middle.” “No” is like a preposition. Putting it all together, Horinouchi means “inside the moat,” or “middle of the ditch,” or Middleditch!

My Dad, in his personal memoir, said that his father told him, “Do not dig too deeply into your family roots.” Could it be that Thomas Middleditch’s ancestors journeyed to Japan in the 1800's and started the Horinouchi (Middleditch) clan? Is this the dark secret my grandfather was keeping from my Dad?

Thomas, if you ever stumble across this post, let me know if you have any ancestors that happened to journey to the land of the rising sun. Domo arigato!

Corporate Recruiter (happily working remote for 7 years) - Design Thinker - Global Traveler (currently on hiatus)

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