I’m very doubtful of your concept that the media is the “primary problem”.
Robert Oldershaw

Read Noam Chomsky’s 1988, “Propaganda Model” for our Elite Media.

It’s all propaganda starting with the Post/Times, all the way down.

If we had truth seekers in the media, we wouldn’t have the gross income/wealth inequalities we currently experience. They’d talk about class warfare. They’d tell us exactly who is behind the destruction of unions and why?

But they don’t because they are just as corrupt as the other institutions.

Hell, Albert Einstein told us all this in the 40's in his infamous dictum called, “Why Socialism”.

Capitalism is the problem and all the actors in Washington are on the take to prevent change. Even the Democratic Party is owned by Wall Street to obstruct social and economic movements from the left. This is why they’ve sit back while unions have been decimated.

Bernie is a good man but he’ll need lots of help in Washington and you saw what the media did to him. MSNBC covered Trump more than Bernie.

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