Convert The Future of Your Business

Did you know that 98% of visitors to your website leave without ever interacting with your business? That 55% of visitors leave your website within 15 seconds? How about the fact that 99% of first-time visitors to your site are not ready to buy when they come to your site?

Yeah, if you put it that way the odds look unbelievably stacked against you.

This problem of keeping visitors on your site, getting them to interact with the site, and then converting them into customers has been a problem that businesses have been fighting since the advent of the web. Now there are best practices and techniques that can help make your site more appealing, making it less of a hassle for visitors to be on your site, but that doesn’t help you convert them and eventually turn them into customers. So how do you convert the average visitor of your website into a contact or lead you can then put into your sales funnel? That’s question what we set out to solve.

How Do We Get Them To Stay?

After researching and looking at tools for helping to convert visitors, we were surprised when we saw that popups were making a comeback and that, instead of being the terrible features we remember from the past, they actually work very well at converting visitors!

Entry popups can convert up to 5.5% of visitors, while exit intent popups can save up to 35% of exiting visitors and convert them in some way. You also have things like recommendation popups on the side banners of sites, website push notifications, and re-targeting tools. Now here’s the other thing we found during our research:

We couldn’t find a tool that did it all.

If you wanted popups, you needed to use one service. If you wanted re-targeting, you needed to use another. If you wanted the lot of them you would have to use multiple tools with multiple fees and multiple companies that you’d need to work with. It’s here that we saw an opportunity.

Enter: FunnelUp

FunnelUp was our answer to this website conversion conundrum: we would take all of the best website visitor conversion techniques, put them all together in one easy-to-use suite, offer it for a lower price than what it would cost a company to purchase them all separately, and help those companies bring in more leads for their sales funnel.

A Few of FunnelUps Tools

FunnelUp is our website conversion optimization tool that drives engagement using Web Push Notifications, Entry Popups, Exit Intent Popups and Re-Targeting to push your visitors down the conversion funnel. It also uses Content Recommendation A.I. to engage visitors on the website with relevant content, based on their individual interest and content consumption pattern, similar to the content recommendations you see on other site’s sidebars, but with smart A.I. behind our recommendation program.

Request for Private Beta Invite

FunnelUp is designed as a one-stop-shop site for website conversion optimization, where the user can use any-and-all of the tools that other sites offer as standalone products. If your site wants all of them? Great, you can use all of the tools together. If you only want popups and content recommendation, but not web push-notifications, then you can leave that tool inactive. FunnelUp gives the user the freedom to adjust the tools to perfectly fit their website and target audience. And perhaps the best part? It can be used in almost every industry!

This tool is built to be adaptable and usable by everyone. eCommerce businesses can use it to remind consumers that they have items in their shopping cart or to offer suggestions on items that are similar to what the consumer is currently looking at on the website. Marketing companies and agencies can use it to generate leads for their clients, applying it to their client’s websites

The Future, A Private Beta, and More Conversions

We’re putting the finishing touches on the beta version tool now, with our private beta taking invitations now, and are looking forward to changing the way that websites convert visitors to contacts and leads, and the way that businesses can interact with those visitors once they’re on their site. If you’re curious about what we’re trying to accomplish, you can find us on ProductHunt or at our website.

Keep on converting, my friends.