In times of uncertainty, it’s good to have something under one’s control.

[4/28 updates at bottom] At least in the short term, many in the retail, services, entertainment, travel, tourism, transportation — among others — have had their hours reduced, or been furloughed, laid-off or outright fired. This could last 2 weeks, 8 weeks, or months; there could be “permanent” industry occupational changes

It’ll be difficult, with so much uncertainty, concerns over family and friends, stress about money and bills, bad news just flying at us nonstop, and all sorts of worry about horrible possibilities that weeks ago didn’t even plausible — but give yourself something positive to focus on: learning a new skill. …

Exciting, modern things are coming.

This is derived from the later parts of my Using JavaScript in D8, and Intro to ES6 (new in 8.4 Core) presentation.

Drupal 8.4

Browser Compatibility

Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are no longer supported (woo-hoo!)

IE 9 and 10 MS support ended April 2017.

Browser share:

IE11 shipped with Windows 8.1 which has a EOL of January 10, 2023 :(

jQuery Updated


Correspondingly, jQueryUI and other minor libs were updated also.

V3.0 upgrade guide (June ’16) — there’s significant, and breaking changes in 3.0, although 3.1 and 3.2 were relatively minor (except for Promise handling). …

#ThrowbackThursday — originally published 2007/05/07 on my old blog

Had you ever wanted to know how much your pocket change was worth? But didn’t want to count it? Well, as my collection in a large plastic coin-bank Coke bottle approached full, it was 96 lbs!

I had to cut it open — there was no way to tip it; plus, the bottom had already cracked and was held together with packing tape. I took me over an hour to trade it all in. I first went to Ralphs and filled that machine, so had to finish at Vons.

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