After almost 3 years bringing families closer together, it is with a heavy heart that we’ll be shutting down Togethera on August 4th.

Despite building a product loved by thousands, unfortunately we’re not generating enough revenue to cover our costs, and our user base isn’t growing fast enough to suggest…

How to plan your campaign, hit your target and leave no money on the table

This post was written after raising £230,000 for Togethera, the private sharing app for your family and loved ones, on Crowdcube in the UK. It captures the lessons we learned and advice that was generously shared by Anthony Eskinazi and Doug Monro, founders of JustPark and Adzuna, which raised £3.5M…

Last week, we made some important announcement about our iOS and Android apps. TheNextWeb, one of the most prominent tech blogs, wrote about them.

Sokratis Papafloratos, Founder of Togethera, told TNW that the reasoning behind the decision to start charging people for what was previously a free service was “transparency”:

It’s a stand we’re taking. We have always said that we will keep our users data private and never show them ads, and the only way to do that is to be transparent about how you are making your money.

Thank you TNW!

The Mail Online is one of the world’s most popular newspaper websites with 200 million visitors per month. Togethera was featured in this excellent article.

As Facebook users know, the astonishing success of the service has also left it virtually impossible to actually keep in touch with your real friends and family.A new startup hopes to change that, and claims it is an ‘unsocial network’. Called Togethera, it allows families to easily share photos and videos.

Thank you Daily Mail!

La Stampa is one of Italy’s most popular daily newspapers and Togethera was featured in this excellent article.

Niente pubblicità, niente rapporti superficiali: su Togethera le interazioni avvengono soltanto con familiari, colleghi con cui c’è particolare confidenza, conoscenti di vecchia data. E la privacy è una priorità

And for our English speaking readers:

No advertising, no superficial relationships: on Togethera interactions occur only with family, colleagues with whom there is particular confidence, longtime acquaintances. And privacy is a priority.

Grazie La Stampa!


Private, simple sharing with your family, partner and closest friends.

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