After almost 3 years bringing families closer together, it is with a heavy heart that we’ll be shutting down Togethera on August 4th.

Despite building a product loved by thousands, unfortunately we’re not generating enough revenue to cover our costs, and our user base isn’t growing fast enough to suggest our revenue issues might be solvable soon.

We were also unable to secure further funding to keep the company going, nor find a third party to take on the responsibility of running Togethera, despite our best efforts.

We’re deeply sorry to be taking Togethera away from you and your family. Our team members are some of Togethera’s most active users, and we’re very disappointed that we won’t be able to use it any more either. …

How to plan your campaign, hit your target and leave no money on the table

This post was written after raising £230,000 for Togethera, the private sharing app for your family and loved ones, on Crowdcube in the UK. It captures the lessons we learned and advice that was generously shared by Anthony Eskinazi and Doug Monro, founders of JustPark and Adzuna, which raised £3.5M and £2.2M respectively. You can see how we did along with insights on our round in the infographic at the end of this post.

Before we dive in, two important points on equity crowdfunding:

At Togethera (the private social network for your family), we’re fanatical about making photo sharing as fast as possible. Here’s how we compare to WhatsApp and Facebook:

(All demos recorded on the same Wi-Fi connection)

So how are we so much faster than WhatsApp and Facebook?

We tested sharing 10 photos, and recorded the time between pressing ‘Post/Send’ and the entire post successfully uploading. On Togethera it took 0.6 secs, vs 7.8 secs on WhatsApp and 23.1 secs on Facebook. How?



Private, simple sharing with your family, partner and closest friends.

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