Angry Facebook Live is the New Angry Twitter
Jeff Jarvis

Thanks for sharing this example. This is great insight into a trend. I’m sure we’ll see companies being held accountable for their awful service. We’ll also see people with a lot of social clout using this as a cudgel to get their way.

Unfortunately, it’s the frontline service employees who will bear the brunt of this.

These employees are often put in impossible positions when it comes to service. They frequently lack the tools, resources, and authority to make things right for their customers.

They also didn’t sign up to be broadcast to thousands of people as part of their jobs. For many, that’s incredible stress.

When things go wrong, I imagine companies will use these videos to distance themselves from the employee. They’ll blame the situation on a rogue actor rather than take responsibility for putting the employee in a tough spot.

Now, if someone could get a senior executive on video in one of these situations, I’d be all for it!

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