An explanation of Quotes in TOKPIE ALPHA 1.0

TOKPIE starts publication circle about its working MVP.

After successfully logging in to the TOKPIE platform, a User sees the list of the last 20 Quotes (Quote List) for Cryptocurrencies (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Quote List

Each line of the Quote List represents the most recent order to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency, which was placed or executed (matched) in a specific Instrument* by TOKPIE’s community members.
 * An Instrument is a unique combination of the following variables:

· Country

· Base Cryptocurrency

· Quote Currency (Fiat or Crypto)

· Payment Method

Whenever trading orders are placed, edited or executed, the list is updated automatically. The top line in the List always represents the most recent trading order published in the TOKPIE Exchange.

So, for example, if you place an order to buy or sell BTC for EUR in Germany and your payment method is Domestic Wire Transfer, then it will appear at the top of the list immediately.
 The User can change the base cryptocurrency in the trading information view by selecting the base cryptocurrency from the drop list, displayed in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Specify base cryptocurrency

Each entry in the list has the following trading information and possible Actions that can be executed.

Trading Information:

– “Date” is the date when the order was placed, adjusted or executed (matched);

– “Country” is the location of origin for the fiat money that will be transferred by the Buyer. Note: If you are exchanging Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency (no fiat involved) then the term SWAP is substituted for Country name.

– “Pair” is the pair of base cryptocurrency and quote currency (fiat or crypto) traded on the TOKPIE exchange.
 Note: A user or start-up company can submit a request to add any new pair for trading.

– “Payment Method” is the method of payment used to transfer fiat money from the Buyer to the Seller. Note: If you are exchanging Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency (no fiat involved) then the term SWAP is substituted for Payment Method.

– “Bid” is the best price offered by cryptocurrency Buyers;

– “Ask” is the best price offered by cryptocurrency Sellers;

– “Last matched price” is the price of the last executed (matched) order between a Buyer and a Seller — in other words, the current market price;

– “Change” is the percentage (%) change between the last price and the previous price of matched orders.

Actions that a User can execute:

– Place Order: By clicking on the Place Order icon, a User opens the Order Submission page (will be described in next publications). Via the order submission window, a user can buy or sell the related cryptocurrency, review the depth of its market, quantity offered for sale or required for purchase, and Interactive Price Chart;

– Set Price Alert: By clicking on the Set Price Alert icon, a user opens the Price Alert setting page, which automatically informs the user when the price of the cryptocurrency reaches the level which the user has set;

– Set Notification: By clicking on the Set Notification icon, a user opens the Notifications setting page, which enables the user to receive notifications when any new order of the related Instrument is published or matched;

– Add to Watchlist: By clicking on the Add to Watchlist icon, a user can insert an Instrument to be added to their personal list of Instruments to watch. The Watchlist allows a user to keep their finger on the pulse and track the latest quotes for selected Instruments.

At TOKPIE, we are excited to finally release our Alpha version, with lots more functionality to come in the very near future.

Don’t forget to sign up to our Telegram channel and Twitter to participate in polls and vote for the most important features or share any of your ideas (even the crazy ones!) so we can deliver the best platform possible for our community.

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