How to get ETH for your bounty stakes

Know how bounty hunters could exchange their stakes for ‘cash’ immediately.


You are a bounty hunter. You are working hard during 2–4 months to earn bounty stakes of a crypto start-up running its ICO Token Sale. After that, and only if a project reaches its soft cap, then you have to wait about 1 month to get a start-up’s token due to a proportion of bounty stakes earned. Finally, you are waiting additional 1–2 months until a start-up’s token is listed on an exchange and then you could finally sell it for ETH (we call it a cash).

There are two main problems here:
 — A bounty hunter has to wait 4–7 months in order to get Ether (cash)
 — There is a high risk that the Token Sale will fail and a hunter would then get zero reward


Sell your bounty stakes as soon as they earned on TOKPIE exchange.

TOKPIE platform provides the same interface for Bounty Stake Trading as it does for any other listed altcoins. It means that you can trade your stakes through Order Book, bargain on price, use price charts with technical analysis tools, set price alerts, etc.


1. TOKPIE signs a contract with a crypto start-up to distribute tokens to bounty stakeholders.

2. Hunters, which want to get in the Bounty Stake Trading, register in TOKPIE platform and deposit stakes on their account balances.

3. When stakes are deposited a hunter can trade them to get ETH or just hold until the date of execution (the day when bounty stakes are being converted into tokens due to calculated proportion)


* No need to wait up to 7 months to get ETH
Sell you bounty stakes for ETH when they earned and deposited to your TOKPIE account.

* No risk of (ICO) token sale failure
 Buyers, which buy your stakes, are ready to take all risks for you.

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