November community update

A busy month on and it is time for another update from the Token team. To kick off, we hope all our readers in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And if Black Friday sales are bit too much for you, there’s plenty of updates to keep you entertained in our latest post.

Card design approved!

Earlier this month, we submitted designs for the actual card to our card issuer. As the issuer, they get to set the rules for the design and approve the design — fair enough! We’re happy to announce that, after approximately 20 iterations, we’ve come up with a design that both of us love! Next step is to get approval from the card scheme, but we are told this is fairly straightforward. We can’t wait to share it here as soon as we are allowed to!

Improved communication channels

Following some requests from the community, we’ve looked at our communication strategy and have made some improvements to how and when we share information:

  1. We’ve launched a public roadmap on Trello to keep everyone up to date with our plans for the next year. It looks like this:
  1. We’ve increased our Twitter activity — if you don’t yet follow us, you can by clicking here
  2. We continue to speak to our most engaged community members on the forum almost daily and invite many of you to join — hi guys 👋

There is more to come on the communication front, but we feel this is a solid foundation to build on. On a side note, this month we reached a nice milestone: ten thousand followers on twitter through purely organic growth — winning!

Legal, compliance, regulatory

Behind the scenes, we’ve progressed significantly on the legal, compliance and regulatory pieces of work we need to complete. It is definitely not the most fun part of what we do here at Token but we see it as absolutely crucial to building a successful, scalable and trustworthy business. We’re pleased to report that our corporate governance, terms and conditions, privacy policy and controls frameworks are all shaping up nicely.

No rest, just test

We have been spending a lot of time testing our front end and back end in the last couple of weeks. We’ve tested app designs with members of the community, we’ve tested our integrations with our card issuer, we’ve tested our back end, we’ve tested the mobile app on Android and on iOS. Like in any software development, we’ve identified some small bugs but so far things are looking good.

This month we will be meeting up with Seattle team to conduct a fuller integration test. Our aim, if the integration tests go well, is to start testing with cards in a live environment shortly after that. This is what we’re calling the closed MVP and we’ll be announcing this when it kicks off.