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TokenCard Update #005

Jun 30, 2017 · 3 min read

This week we’re going to focus more on the technical side of things. Although we’ve announced in the past that our MVP release would be late September or October, our technical development team over at New Alchemy has circled October 2nd as the date we can go live. Our first 1000 cards will be issued, and the KYC requirements for obtaining one will be included in a future update.

So what is the dev team working on?

They’ve spent their time wisely by first setting up and testing communications with Wavecrest’s network systems, and all issues have been resolved and comms are good. As you can imagine, being able to communicate with the network was pretty high up on our list of priorities. So that step is complete, and we’re moving onwards and upwards.

  • RHA implementation and Callback Implementation have made significant progress

There have also been a few additions to the team in Seattle including:

Ted Leung — CTO — is an alumni of companies such as Disney, Sun, IBM, Apple and an early Member of the Apache Software Foundation. He did graduate work at Brown University and his undergraduate degree at MIT.

Philip Hofer — Solidity and Go Dev

Brandon Ross — React and Go Dev (New) Received a BS in Computer Science from Louisiana State University and PhD from University at Buffalo, prior to New Alchemy worked at Igneous Systems.

Stan Orlowski — Project Manager, spent 20 years at Microsoft Corporation in various Senior Program and Project Management roles.

We’re going to talk about partnerships in a future update, so don’t take the absence of announcements as evidence of a lack of progress on that front.

Jake and Dwight will be in London next week attending the Crypto-Financing 2017 conference, and we’re going to be meeting up with them while they’re in town. So if you’re going to be in the area or at the conference, make sure you say hi and they’ll be happy to talk TKN with you. Dwight will also be taking a side-trip to the lovely city of Dublin to meet up with the Wachsman team at their office there.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the official Tokencard subreddit. It’s much easier for the team to see your questions and answer them there. We’re working on building out our own forums on the upcoming newly designed Tokencard website, but until then, please continue to use Slack and Reddit to engage with us.

~TokenCard team


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