Announcing new partnership with PayPlus+!

PayPlus+ is an open blockchain ecosystem, based on multi-functional APIs (application program interface). The company aims to lead the evolution towards the cashless economy and become the flagship of the global digital application transaction industry.

PayPlus+ delivers secure multi-channel application transaction gateways, including digital payments for e-commerce and mobile POS Payment to corporate clients, stores, online-banks etc. for deploying services and products online. The ‘PayPlus-ecosystem’ grants online transaction credit for quick and safe payments, for every type of device which their corporate clients and their customers may use.

Also, it’s important to note that PayPlus+ is a stable running business with profitable turnover generated by a growing customer-base of universally known corporate clients, so they are not a merely theoretical whitepaper, PayPlus+ is an IT company with Blockchain competence and have generated 500.000.000 utility tokens (PLUS Tokens) ready to be used by corporate clients or whoever as „end-user“ is interested for the token sale.

The public pre-sale will take place on February 1st to 28th, 2019 (+15% bonus fix min. €1000, no lockup)!

Public final sale on March 1st to 31st!