Black Friday Brings The Final Version of The Smart Contract

TokenDesk is an ambitious team of blockchain professionals, enthusiasts and evangelists who dedicated all their effort to achieve the set goals ASAP. Each and every step of our business development is conducted to the highest technological and otherwise standards. Like in the most of innovative product development cases there are hiccups and there are breakthroughs.

Today we are happy to announce that one of the most important stages — the development of the smart contract is finished.

We have put it through two different types of audit in order to make sure all the features, functions and security aspects are tested thoroughly. It is not usually necessary to dedicate that much time and resources for it, however, we thought it is something we need to do to maximize the quality of the final product. We believe it will pay off as TokenDesk community will be safe from all sorts of technological vulnerabilities in this context.

Both of the audit stages brought to our attention different sorts of recommendations according to which the smart contract was improved. Our developers created a number of various scenarios in Truffel environment to see whether SC is functioning exactly as it should.

TokenDesk smart contract is already deployed to the Github.

Click HERE to check it.

It will be deployed to the blockchain by the end of upcoming Tuesday. There is going to be a separate announcement when it’s done.

Hope you like our project and if you wish to support our idea, you can still contribute to our ICO and become a part of our revolutionary ICO platform.

We have already attracted over 80 ICOs since the launch of our TokenDesk Alpha.

That is only A WEEK and a few days ago BTW! Incredible!

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