Alpha version of TokenDesk platform will be introduced in mid-November

Blockchain technology based ICOs fall into certainly one of the most dynamic financial markets that ever existed. TokenDesk decided to ride the wave of tremendous increase in value of crypto products and help other ingenious developers to do so by introducing the most powerful direct global ICO platform.

ICO for ICOs

TokenDesk has already been developing their own ICO which started on the 4th of October. In less than 48 hours of the pre-sale all of their tokens were sold out. Currently Round A has started and it is doing very well so far.

“The main idea beyond the TokenDesk ICO platform is to connect all the most prospective blockchain technology developers and marketers with the most innovation driven global investors. Platform’s ability to accept a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, fiat payments and credit cards will enable both parties to succeed by attracting more capital and diversifying financial and other sort risks.” — says Gintaras Tamosiunas, the CEO and a former member of Lithuanian Parliament.

The alpha version

One of the best things in the ICO of TokenDesk is a fact that investors will soon be able to take a look at the alpha version of their platform. The team promised to launch it in the middle of November. While the ICO ends just before Christmas, the launch will most likely to encourage new investors to support the project as they will be able to analyze the business model even more thoroughly.

Initial functionality

Alpha version, by definition, has limited functionality to compare with beta or the final version. Nonetheless, it will give an idea where the project is headed as some of the most important features will be available to start launching of numerous new ICOs. Here are some of the functions that users can expect from TokenDesk alpha:

  • Publish Your ICO. This is obviously the key feature to begin with. In the alpha version TokenDesk will offer to publish new ICOs with an option to redirect all traffic to the original web destination of these ICOs.
  • Clear ICO structures. All ICOs will have clearly structured information of all the most important aspects from the detailed information about the business model, list of founders, their backgrounds along with financial, marketing and various other strategic points relevant to any investor.
  • ICO ranking. Another great feature that will be available on TokenDesk platform. Important to know that all ratings will only be provided by TDS token holders and carefully selected blockchain professionals. This will ensure reliable and accurate feedback from neutral members of the blockchain community. Avoiding bad feedback from competitors or haters is an important factor ensuring the success of every ICO.
  • ICO promo space. There will be a dedicated advertising space for those ICO publishers who desire to distinguish their project among the others. It is going to be placed in the center of the homepage to be visible best.
  • Categorization by preferences. There will be a couple of different types of categorization. One part will be dedicated to best rated, most commented or viewed ICOs. This will allow users to quickly identify the most promising projects. While publishers will get a clear understanding what to do in order to improve their ICOs performance.
  • Categorization by type. ICOs are as different as any businesses can be. Therefore, separation by type of activity is important factor for improved user experience while browsing the platform. Also, it gives a quick impression which type of projects are more trending. This is a good information to know before publishing your own ICO.
  • Calendar. For investors as well as publishers of certain types of ICOs, the calendar is one of the most important part of the platform. It allows to plan vital strategic moves, when we speak about venture capital funds as well as get on track with the right ICO for the right period of a year. Every ICO and other important information will be scheduled on this calendar.
  • News. The last but not the least — the news. In this part TokenDesk will be releasing all the most important information about their platform as well as facts from every ICO published on it. Seems that it should become an effective channel of communication as integrations with the most popular social networks will be established alongside.

All this and more will be available on TokenDesk alpha version of the platform. It is a great start of the new and promising global player of ICO market. First steps made to establish a strong rapport with blockchain community will lead to great future improvements.

Important to note that alpha version will also work as a testing ground before launching the beta. Most likely that TokenDesk will actively seek users to provide insights and feedbacks in order to make the final version to adapt all the major requirements of the market needs.

The TokenDesk ICO is still on. There is a tempting -30% discount off of the regular price of their tokens. Having in mind that their ICO presale ended up in selling out all 3 million tokens, the Round A won’t be much different.

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