What is PayPlus+, how customer can benefit from it and what’s the future plan for PayPlus+?

Interview with CEO of PayPlus+

Roberto Piroddi, CEO of PayPlus+ AG, relies on blockchain when it comes to processing payment transactions and settlement processes digitally and securely.

Roberto Piroddi, CEO of Payplus+

During the interview with KryptoJournal, R. Piroddi answered questions regarding PayPlus+ project:

Mr Piroddi, how customers can benefit by hiring your company?

R. Piroddi: PayPlus + handles payment transactions and corresponding billing for companies through secure interfaces. Many of our customers are usually are from e-commerce and mobile POS payment services, who want smooth, secure and fast transactions when selling their products and services. Our PayPlus+ ecosystem has been fulfilling these wishes for more than two years now and the customer base is growing. Our system solution can be integrated into the operating system of our business customer within a few days. In doing so, we can implement very individual wishes of our customers without any problems. Of course, PayPlus+ is certified and complies with the Payment Card Industry Security Standard.

In your opinion, what does Blockchain have to do with traditional payment systems?

R. Piroddi: Why we are now switching our payment system to the Ethereum Blockchain is easy to explain. Ethereum is a proven and reliable blockchain. It is able to handle payment transactions, bookings and billing faster and more securely than centralized data processing. Too many interfaces involved by the payment intermediaries involved in one and the same transaction can lead to many errors. In addition, external software developers can add new applications to the PayPlus+ Ecosystem at any time to regularly extend or enhance the end user’s use of the ecosystem. All existing centralized payment and billing systems do not have the same secure, fast and much cheaper profile that is possible with the Ethereum Blockchain.

Where do you want to lead PayPlus+?

R. Piroddi: The problems of centralized payment systems give blockchain players like PayPlus+ the opportunity to push the revolution of the cashless and blockchain-based economy. We do not just want to work in Italy. The goal is to become the market leader in blockchain payment systems in Germany over the next few years. One of our benefits is that our ecosystem is open to external software developers who can constantly provide new solutions to our business customers. You treat your customers very discretely in the industry.

Can you still tell us more about your customers?

R. Piroddi: The PayPlus + ecosystem is currently being used in the financial, telecommunications and retail and online industries, among others. Discretion is a not inconsiderable part of the business here. But I can say that in addition to business customers from the middle class, global companies are also involved. The majority of our current turnover is generated in northern Italy, but our customers include German, French and British companies. Our decision to launch the AG in Germany was taken against the backdrop that we will increasingly establish our solutions throughout Europe and especially in the DACH area.

What makes you so confident that your business can benefit from growth factors?

R. Piroddi: Digital payments for e-commerce and mobile POS transactions are expected to increase their volume in Europe from 2017 to 2022 by 69 percent to 900 million euros. This is significantly influenced by the payment behavior when using mobile devices. In such an unprecedented growth environment, PayPlus + will compete with traditional centralized payment systems and offer better, safer, extensible services. In addition, we offer a developer-friendly, secure multi-functional programming interface API (Application Programming Interface). The API market is also gaining momentum and could, according to the forecasts z. For example, from mulesoft.com to a market value of $ 1.2 trillion by 2022. PayPlus + believes API-supported transactions are a significant source of revenue, yet underestimated by most providers.

How does your ecosystem work with the PLUS Token?

R. Piroddi: The Plus Utility Token developed by PayPlus + is our further development for the digital use of our ecosystem on the Ethereum Blockchain. The tokens can be described as the “PayPal” of tomorrow for global digital payment systems. The limited and non-extendable circulation of 500 million PLUS tokens generated by PayPlus+ on Ethereum on October 1st, serve as an interchange in so-called Transaction API Credits, which are necessary for the use of our ecosystem by the business customer. After using the credits to sell the myriad of proprietary products and services online to customers, our business customers need new PLUS tokens to earn additional credits as their transactions are daily or permanent and must be settled.

The PayPlus+ ecosystem is based on Ethereum. In addition to the euro, business customers may also use Bitcoin and Ethereum to acquire the PLUS tokens from the Company itself or from April through appropriate pre-selected crypto exchanges.

The PayPlus+ private token sale has started on 31.10.2018 and will take place until January 31st, 2019, while the public pre-sale will start from February 1st to 28th, 2019. And on March 1st, 2019, the Public Final Sale will finally begin, ending on March 31st, 2019. The white paper will be made available in time for the public sale.

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