Announcement | TISS and CyberMiles Enters into a Strategic Partnership

Sep 2 · 2 min read

TokenInsight Staking Service (TISS) has officially established a strategic partnership with CyberMiles, with a focus on data collaboration, community governance, and ecosystem development.

Leveraging CyberMiles’s technological capabilities, TISS is slated to run nodes for multiple PoS blockchains, joining in the effort to secure and grow the PoS network.

TISS, the sub-brand of the TokenInsight Group, is dedicated to providing comprehensive staking data and research services. TokenInsight ( is committed to becoming the world’s leading blockchain data and rating service organization, covering over 1,600 projects.

CyberMiles is a new blockchain protocol specifically designed and optimized for e-commerce applications. CyberMiles will offer a large library of commerce-related smart business contracts, making decentralized commerce applications easier to build.

TokenInsight has established strategic partnerships with a total of 55+ partners covering databases, exchanges, and wallets, such as Messari, Binance Info, Delta, BitMart, BitUniverse, XCong, and Huobi News etc.

About TokenInsight

TokenInsight is an independent third-party data analytics organization whose focus is to provide accurate information and ratings on companies developing in the blockchain industry. TokenInsight is dedicated to providing accurate ratings, research, and analytics that contribute to intelligent financial decisions and market transparency.

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