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Lending is the top DeFi use case, $850+ Million TVL with 76% based on Ethereum — 2019 DeFi Industry Annual Research Report Shows

TokenInsight’s 2019 DeFi Industry Annual Research Report promises to update you with the latest developments and changes occurring within the industry.

Key Points:

$850 Million

Total value locked in DeFi (at least).

~ 50%

MakerDao Dominance, accounted for about 50% in the ETH DeFi ecosystem.


The total value locked (USD) in ETH DeFi more than doubled in 2019, from $ 290 Million to $680 Million, despite recent declines in the cryptocurrency price.


DAI stablecoin saw the strongest market demand with only $3 Million locked in the DeFi protocol in the beginning of the year and grew exponentially to $30 Million at the peak.

✅$154 Million

Debt outstanding in USD more than doubled from $68 Million to $154 Million at the peak.


ETH supply locked in DeFi accounted for roughly 2.5% of the current circulating supply.

✅~ 7%

EOSs in circulation have been locked in the EOS DeFi ecosystem.

✅Doubled growth

Lightning network saw a double growth in BTC value, from ~504 BTC to 1,100 BTC locked in the lightning network at the peak.

✅$2 Million/ $600 Million

The growth of DEX trading activities has been relatively slow but steady in the past year, the daily average trading volume across 2019 is ~ $2 Million compared to ~$600 million on a top tier centralised exchange.

✅DeFi lending will continue its pace in 2020 but will start to focus more on the integration of value added components, such as Oracle, DAOs, etc.

✅With the integration of liquidity aggregator and market making bot, DEXs will grow in a much faster pace in 2020, however centralised exchanges will still dominate the market.

✅Stablecoins will continue to grow and connecting the cryptocurrency industry and traditional fnance to bring a much wider adoption.

✅The DeFi industry will face some regulatory challenges, but proper DAO framework can help the DeFi projects to implement compliant governance mode

✅The industry should see an adoption of a pseudo-benchmark rate as the DeFi industry reference rate.

✅DeFi Financial instruments such as options, swaps will be created and gradually integrates with the existing DeFi infrastructure to help manage risks.

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