Our Website is Mobile Ready!

Sep 3 · 3 min read

We are pleased to announce that the mobile version of our website is ready!

Mobile users will now have full and immediate access to TokenInsight’s mobile website including all its project ratings and industry rankings via their smart phones. This latest initiative comes as TokenInsight seeks to better serve its customers by meeting the needs of multi-end readers, enhancing user experience and catering to the modern the usage habits of smart phone users. Notably, users will be automatically redirected to the mobile web page browser once they visit www.tokeninsight.com or www.tokenin.cn on their smart phone devices.

A better overall browsing experience

TokenInsight’s overall mobile frame design and layout are user-friendly; making it easier for readers.

Improved user experience

Additionally, the style of the ranking list in each industry is adjusted to fit the mobile screen and users can share the link of the ranking list directly to anyone at any given time. Visit TokenInsight with your mobile device and more project ratings and industry rankings will be available to you.

Improved share function

Moreover, users can now directly share the link of the project’s detail page as well as the rating report’s web version to all mobile channels thus improving reading experience and increasing publicity.

Upgraded rating dimensions and database

TokenInsight’s database is more comprehensive and its ranking list consist of more dimensions. Also, both of its rankings and research reports are of higher quality. Nonetheless, TokenInsight’s, website will continue to add more features and increase the amount and availability of data in order to create more value.

About TokenInsight

TokenInsight is an independent third-party data analytics organization whose focus is to provide accurate information and ratings on companies developing in the blockchain industry. TokenInsight is dedicated to providing accurate ratings, research, and analytics that contribute to intelligent financial decisions and market transparency.

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