Rating Update of iExec(RLC): BB Stable→Positive Outlook and Moderate Risk

TokenInsight has recently upgraded the rating report for iExec (RLC), which has upgraded from a Stable Outlook to Positive Outlook.

Dec 16, 2019 · 3 min read

Upgrade Reasoning

The overall quality of the iExec project is high, the development progress is good, and the technical partners have strong strength. According to the rating model, its team, project, and ecosystem indicators are performing well and developing rapidly. At present, the project should focus on accelerating and building its community to attract more participants. Based on the rating model, TokenInsight gave iExec the latest rating of BB, with the outlook upgraded from stable to positive.


✅The team has relatively strong technical and management abilities, and the core members of the team have strong technical strength and research background in related fields.

✅Currently, the project has established cooperative relationships with many large companies such as Intel and IBM Cloud.

✅The project development progress is relatively good, in line with the roadmap development nodes. The latest iExec V4 version was released in December 2019.

✅The platform’s technical architecture is relatively good, and each version has breakthroughs in performance, user experience, and function optimization.

✅Currently, the RLC token performs relatively well in the secondary market.


1️⃣The platform has relatively few users and the community popularity is general.

2️⃣The project still faces some challenges in practical applications.

3️⃣Facing fierce competition in segmented fields, technology and user experience need to be continuously improved in order to maintain stable development of the project.

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