In May, we added a new item to our store, followed the Ice Hockey World Championship with our community, and continued to look for promising players. Did everything work out? We will tell you in our traditional monthly report.

  • IIHF matches in the predictions contest
  • Application in the poker stream
  • New item in the e-comm module
  • New home tournament is announced

IIHF matches in the predictions contest

This time we watched the national teams at the Ice Hockey World Championship. The main trophy went to the Canadian team, and the best predictors from our community shared 10,000 TEAM tokens.

The three leaders were determined unambiguously. But…

Scouting Module creates lucrative opportunities for poker players. They can apply for staking on the platform and after we make an analysis of their game statistics and community voting we will decide whether they receive funding. The advantage of poker for TokenStars is that players can generate income in much shorter terms.

1. Full or partial staking (backing): poker bankroll financing in return for a profit share

2. Beneficial and fair terms: high player’s profit share and terms improvement for good performance

3. Additional benefits for players: coaching and monetizing opportunities

Benefits for players

  • Get fully baked and secure your funds or
  • Get…

Spring is a great time to start something new. Therefore, in April we received new applications for the scouting module in both the tennis and poker business areas. You can also leave your application or tell your friends and get a reward for it. Read about this and other news in our traditional digest.

  • Special item in the e-comm module
  • Application in the poker stream
  • Tennis player applied
  • NBA matches in the predictions contest

Special item in the e-comm module

For our community, we have prepared a special lot — boots from a young but promising CSKA player.

On the 8th of April Vadim Karpov scored…

With the new season, our team expanded horizons — we began to cooperate with a new exchange. And as usual, there was news in the scouting and fan communications modules. So let’s have a look at the main events of March:

  • Predictions contest under the new rules
  • Listing on MintMe
  • New application in tennis
  • Training sessions with Tobias and Denis

Predictions contest under the new rules

This month we announced and hosted our traditional prediction competition with new rules. The prize fund has doubled to 10,000 TEAMs. But now only the five best participants can divide them among themselves, and not 100, as it was before.

What is the task of a sports club website? Make the user get up from the couch, close the laptop and come to the stands. At the same time, he took his wife and children with him. So that they come to support the team in the corporate colors of the club, with paraphernalia. And after the match, they returned to the site to review their favorite moments once again, find out the players’ statistics, and place bets on the next game. And so in a circle.

The site of a sports club is a mechanism for monetizing a show…

The beginning of 2021 was productive for our team. We started this year with good momentum: we were focused on attracting new players, active development of scouting, and as usual, had community activities. Now we’re ready to share the results with you.

  • Two tennis players endorsed by the community
  • Three new applications in poker stream
  • The sixth poker tournament with free entry was held
  • Two prediction contests
  • Signed athletes conquer new heights

Two tennis players endorsed by the community

In January voting for Daniil Ostapenkov was finished. He got 79.3% of votes supporting him.

Daniil has brilliant results. The absolute champion of the Republic of Belarus in…

What do football and the internet have in common? Both that and another unite people of different views, ages, and interests. Today, digital technology allows fans to interact with football content in new ways, and brands to support their audience in the most exciting moments of the match. Including due to the interest of fans in online videos. We will tell you about the behavior and interests of online football fans, the knowledge of which will help advertisers conquer this large audience.

Technology is changing fans’ habits and expanding the fan experience, making it more intense and engaging. In 2014…

WSOP is the most popular live event with tens of thousands of players at the tables. They compete for large prize money, often in the millions of dollars. Triumphators receive gold bracelets for their huge winnings. That is why many players dream of being among the participants in the legendary series. There are several ways to get to it.

To play poker for money in the WSOP series, you can go the simple way — pay buy-ins. The grid of the World Series of Poker includes about 70 events. Accordingly, you need to choose the most suitable tournaments for yourself…

2020 was a big challenge for us — because of the pandemic, sports life was frozen for a long period. But at the same time, staying in touch became so important. We did various fan activities, training, and poker tournaments. And, hoping for a better future, we were looking for new athletes to join our community, both juniors, and professionals. Read about this and much more in our annual review.

  • PRO football player joined our team
  • 4 tennis juniors signed a contract with TokenStars
  • 2 new players joined the poker stream
  • 14 fan activities are held on the platform
  • Significant…

Today, professional athletes and celebrities are valuable assets. As their careers develop, athletes improve their skills, acquire unique professional skills, start playing against more experienced professionals, which further increases their level. We call this process the “professional self-improvement cycle”.

At the same time, achieving outstanding performance attracts fans, which in turn makes athletes more attractive to advertisers who are willing to pay huge bucks to use the image of an emerging athlete who is already beginning to lead a lifestyle appropriate to the celebrity, thus attracting even more fans. We call this the “celebrity self-promotion cycle”.

Tennis is the heart…


The first celebrity management platform on blockchain. TEAM token sale completed.

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