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2018 in Review: TokenStars Key Results, Milestones, and Future Plans

Mar 7, 2019 · 8 min read

2018 was a big year for expanding TokenStars business. Even in an unstable market environment, the team met the targeted goals and gained significant traction.

Last year was pretty challenging for the crypto world, TokenStars is no exception. The market conditions in 2018 were very highly volatile (not to say negative) — in such circumstances, it is important to focus efforts on key strategic goals that will bring the maximum result. For 2018 our principal tasks were concentrated on business operations and platform development:

  1. Attract stars and sports talents to the platform, create client portfolio.
  2. Increase the user base and grow its engagement.
  3. Launch Scouting module as the core part of the platform.
  4. Create project awareness for the sports and crypto industries.

We want to share with you the 2018 results, structured in several blocks:

  • Platform development and user base acquisition.
  • Stars, sports talents and client portfolio;
  • Partnerships and most significant activities.

In 2018 we have launched 5 modules of our platform, creating infrastructure for ongoing development.

Auctions were the first module launched on TokenStars platform. Personal items, donated by sports stars and celebrities, were sold on one of the first blockchain-powered auctions. Each item was backed with separate smart contract, participants were able to buy them with ACE and TEAM (TokenStars tokens), BCH, ETH. All money was sent directly to the charity picked by each celebrity.

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We are pleased that this auction has attracted such world celebrities as Martina Hingis, Lothar Matthaus, Gianluca Zambrotta, Anastasia Myskina, Redfoo, Roger Ver and many others — 17 unique lots were sold at the auction. 244 participants made bids, the highest winning bid was $987 (for Martina Hingis Wimbledon T-Shirt). It was a great start to create awareness and bring more players on the platform.

To increase the community and create the user base in Q2 we have launched activities in Predictions module, which allows users to make sports forecasts and get token rewards. The data gathered and algorithms created around sports prediction module also gives us an opportunity to work with a huge and growing market of sports betting.

A great start to the module was the TokenStars World Cup 2018 Contest. This contest attracted a lot of attention from the sports and blockchain communities, and we are happy with the goals achieved. During the contest, nearly 3000 users have joined and registered in the TokenStars Predictions module. More than 50% of active predictors were invited by their friends. The number of DAU (daily active users) grew 9X times per month (+800%). You can check more detailed stats here.

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The launch of the Predictions module and World Cup Contest grew the visibility and knowledge of the project and positively affected the activity on the exchanges. We launch a new contest every month and try to glad our participants with only the best sports events, so the audience is steadily growing by +3% each month.

In November our team has presented the Scouting module, which allows any talented junior player to receive assistance in financing and marketing promotion.

With this part of the platform, users can submit players’ applications to the TokenStars scouting system and receive the rewards. Each application passes through several steps of assessment, finishing with community voting and contract signing. For every successful step of submission, the scout is progressively awarded with ACE or TEAM tokens, with maximum tokens awarded for the player contracted by TokenStars.

Tennis was chosen as the first direction for scouting because tennis players hugely depend on funding. The module immediately began to attract attention — by the end of 2018, 10 promising players (top-300 in ITF ranking) joined the platform, 5 of which were approved by TokenStars experts.

In addition to technical development, we created our own legal framework and talent scouting kit for our ecosystem.

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Last year we also worked on infrastructure development and launched two important releases. The first of them was the Voting module. The voting module is a part of the infrastructure layer of the Platform and is already involved in the operations of many other modules. Token holders vote without spending tokens, the resulting input from each voter is calculated proportionately to the number of tokens held. This approach allows us to value the opinion of the token holders who own more tokens with higher priority.

We also released an updated dashboard. In the new dashboard, users are able to register, add personal information, add a wallet address and verify it and, most importantly, choose the status on the platform. Any token holder can become not only a sports fan but a scout or a promoter.

An important stage in the development of the project was the signing of contracts with two excellent tennis players: Marius Copil and Elitsa Kostova.

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Marius Copil is a Romanian professional tennis player playing on the ATP World Tour and ATP Challenger Tour and a member of the Romanian Davis Cup team. Copil is known for his extremely powerful and consistent serve. Marius achieved career-high №56 after reaching Australian Open 2R.

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Elitsa Kostova is a professional Bulgarian tennis player and member of the Bulgarian Federation Cup team. On September 12, 2016, she reached her highest WTA singles ranking of 130. Elitsa has enjoyed success on the ITF circuit winning 10 tournament titles (5 singles and 5 doubles). Elitsa is in top-3 Bulgarian best players in WTA ranking.

Throughout the year, we started a collaboration with many famous athletes, which share our vision and support the project. We are very pleased that our blockchain auctions were an excellent start for the TokenStars cooperation with renowned athletes: Tommy Haas, Nikita Kucherov, Martina Hingis and other truly great players that joined our platform.

Along with professional players, we started to cooperate more closely with juniors. Scouts, located all over the world, made applications for talented young athletes and we’re glad to have an opportunity to support such promising players. You can check their profiles in the Scouting module.

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By the end of the year, more than 25+ sports stars and promising talent joined TokenStars platform.

In 2018, we developed a certain strategy and will stick to it this year. We are focused on 2 types of partnerships: with blockchain projects and with sports market participants — junior academies, agencies, clubs, independent experts.

One of the most significant partnerships of H1 2018 became a partnership with AidCoin, a crypto project that aims to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Ethereum blockchain, to drive the adoption of blockchain solutions for auctions and charity organizations. Last year we launched a celebrity crypto auction in partnership with AidChain for a professional Wilson Pro Staff tennis racquet with a personal signature of Dusan Lajovic.

In H2 TokenStars signed a partnership agreement with Gomez Tennis Academy, Florida, USA. In order to help junior athletes focus on their professional career, we took a strategic decision to partner and support promising junior players in funding their financial expenses during studies in the Academy. In addition to that, TokenStars will provide marketing promotion for the Academy’s players. By the end of the year, two promising players from the Academy, Alexander Bernard and Blu Baker, have joined the TokenStars scouting system.

We also signed partnerships with REGA and Nomadic Capital. At this moment we’re focusing on other directions, but we may return to close cooperation in the future.

In choosing exchanges for listing, we relied mainly on the opinion of the community and exchange liquidity data, we tried to choose an option that would suit everyone. We chose top-10 platforms by liquidity: OKEx for ACE token and Bit-Z for TEAM token.

Our strategy for exchanges was primarily dictated by the situation on the crypto market. We are looking for a suitable option for listing both TokenStars tokens on the same exchange. We’re constantly monitoring the situation and when there are interesting opportunities — we’ll use them.

Last year we’ve begun to run the activities with famous athletes for our community and started with AMA sessions. Users had the opportunity to get answers from such football legends as Lothar Matthaus and Gianluca Zambrotta, as well as from hockey star Nikita Kucherov and worldwide famous pop-star Redfoo.

In August, TokenStars participated at the OKEx Global Meetup Tour. We talked about the TokenStars platform development, shared the project’s experience on the partnership with OKEx and other exchanges and defined criteria for choosing the right crypto exchange for a listing. You can take a look at his speech here.

In 2018 we received solid media coverage: the articles about TokenStars were published in Forbes, Merkle, CoinTelegraph and many others. There was also an interview with our team in Breaker, in which we explained what makes TokenStars unique and how blockchain technology can solve the problems of the sports industry.


Last year we developed main strategies and we will stick to them this year. The team gained good momentum and now we continue to actively work on the development of the platform. We also plan to constantly keep you updated, so such articles will appear more often, stay tuned not to miss them!

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