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2019 in Review:
TokenStars Key Results, Milestones, and Future Plans

2019 was a challenging but incredibly important year for TokenStars. Here are the main achievements of the past year:

  • Introduction of 3 new modules
  • 15 unique fan activities on the TokenStars Platform
  • ACE and TEAM are listed on BitRabbit exchange
  • Major improvements on TokenStars website
  • 14 contracts signed with tennis juniors and poker players.
  • 3 Professional Football Players Joined TokenStars
  • 32 Applications on the Scouting Module
  • Veronika Kudermetova Signs Advertising Contract with Siberian Wellness
  • Significant Progress of TokenStars Sportsmen

Introduction of 3 New Modules

In 2018 we developed Auctions, Predictions, Voting and Scouting modules on our platform. and last year we were happy to introduce our last 3 modules: Fan Communications, Bounty Fan Clubs and E-Commerce.

The release of the Fan Communications module was a huge step forward in building relationships between players and fans. This module made all the interactions between players, fans and token holders a lot easier and helped us to create new opportunities for cooperation with their favorite players on the TokenStars platform. We are publishing new activities from our signed players in the Fan Communications module and each user has the opportunity to participate in it.

We also successfully launched the “E-commerce” module so every member of our platform can get exclusive items from TokenStars and our players like unique merchandise, created in collaboration with TokenStars athletes, autographed items — equipment, books, etc., tournament tickets or locker room passes. All these items are available for ACE or TEAM tokens.

March was marked with one of the most important tech and business updates on the TokenStars platform — launching the Bounty Fan Club module. This module is designed to create interaction and desired engagement between stars, their followers and ACE & TEAM token holders. By launching personal Bounty Fan Clubs players receive new opportunities to attract fans and grow their influencing potential. On the other hand, platform users can get the desired involvement, take part in unique activities and earn ACE or TEAM tokens for promoting and completing the tasks from their favorite sports stars.

15 Activities are Conducted on TokenStars Platform

In the summer we have conducted 2 training sessions with Russia’s top tennis player Veronica Kudrmetova. Her personal fans bought “a ticket” to the event on the “Fan Communications” Module for ACE tokens. They had a chance to train with Veronica and her coach Sergei Demekhin and then compete with her in a short match.

3 members of our community already had a private coaching session with Tobias. Guidance and wisdom of our main poker expert led participants to wins in Sit and Go tournaments and increased their poker skills.
There is also one brand new activity available on Fan Communications module since December. TEAM holder can participate in a live video chat with FC Zenit midfielder Alexey Sutormin.

TokenStars community not only had a chance to spend tokens in 2019 but also had several events to earn ACEs and TEAMs by participating in events in our Bounty Fan Club.

In one of the contests, Klauss De Mello asked his supporters and TokenStars users to design a banner and an author of the best one received 20,000 TEAM tokens. In October 2019, Veronica Kudermetova conducted a contest where her fans had to post tennis photos with #veronikatokenstars hashtag. The owner of Veronica’s favorite picture received gifts from Kudermetova and ACE tokens.

In October 2019, we have started a new tradition! Everyone had a chance to play with members of the TokenStars poker team and even to win prizes! Our players participated in freeroll tournament with TEAM tokens prizes alongside common players and fans all over the world. Of course, it is not so easy for average players to defeat a professional but due to high variance in poker it is possible, one of our fans proved it by achieving the 2nd place in the tournament!

You do not have to participate in contests or auctions in order to get personal items from celebrities. With the advent of the E-Commerce Module, you can just purchase them with ACE and TEAM tokens. Such items as match-worn shirts of Alexey Sutormin or cap of Veronica Kudermetova regularly appear on the module so follow our news and do not miss your chance to purchase them.

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ACE and TEAM are listed on BitRabbit exchange

In May we were happy to announce a partnership with BitRabbit exchange.
Previously our tokens were listed on two different markets, which created some difficulties for those of our users.

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Website Improvements and Brand New Section

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It was important not only to introduce new modules on our platform but also to make it more user-friendly and accurate. This year we launched the “Achievements” section on our site to promptly announce our progress. Later on, we decided to change the section design to make it more comfortable to read. We also released an update that changes site layout on mobile devices, in our older version some users faced incorrect layout which prevented them from properly seeing the full picture.

Signed 14 Contracts with Tennis and Poker Players

During 2019 the scouting earned at full strength. We signed 3 contracts with tennis athletes and 11 with poker players. Poker staking is a relatively new, but already well-performing business division in TokenStars. Our team started with only 3 poker players and now has successfully grown to more than 10 professionals who played more than 1 million hands combined and on average won more than $20.000 per month. We are proud that most of the players, who come to us decide to stay in the team for a long time since our goal is to provide the opportunity for our players to achieve new stages of their poker career.

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3 Professional Football Players Joined TokenStars

Besides investing in young athletes TokenStars also helps professional players to develop their marketing potential. During the last year, we established partnerships with 3 professional football players, including Alexey Sutormin, Klauss De Mello and Otávio Monteiro.

TokenStars Received 32 Applications in the Scouting Module

This year over 30 players applied through our scouting module. That is why it was very important to secure a swift but strict assessment that would guarantee that only highly-motivated players with high skills can get to the voting stage and potentially become part of the TokenStars team.

Signed new advertising contracts for our players

In 2019 TokenStars focused on the marketing development of our players. This resulted in the successful collaboration between Veronika Kudermetova and Siberian Wellness — a rapidly developing company that operates in 65 countries with more than 20 years of history, specializing in the production of goods for a healthy lifestyle. We were glad to organize this interaction and we have every reason to believe that this is the first of many long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Significant Progress of TokenStars Sportsmen

2019 was very productive and successful for our players. Veronika Kudermetova won the big tournament in Mexico — WTA Guadalajara 125K and reached 3rd round in the Roland Garros, defeating Caroline Wozniacky. It helped Veronica to improve her WTA Rating. She started the year on 115th place and moved to 42nd which is a great result.

Our football players also reached new heights. Alexey Sutormin played 15 games in Russian premier league with FC “Zenit”, scored 4 goals and debuted in UEFA Champions League. Klauss De Mello and his LASK won their group in the UEFA Europa League knocking out PSV. Otavio Monteiro also had a great year as his Porto reached the quarter final in the Champions League and silver medals in the national championship.

We also had notable moments in poker. In June our player Marco D’Amico took 2nd place Sunday Million and won $84.000.

In 2019 TokenStars started to receive first revenues from junior tennis players as Valeria Olyanovskaya reached the semi-final rounds during W15 Chornomorsk and W15 Antalya.

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Last year was very productive for TokenStars team and we want to share with you graphics with our achieved results and plans for 2020:

Achieved results:

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Plans for 2020:

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For more information: follow the project’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Medium or take a look at our videos on YouTube.

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