Breaking News: TokenStars Announces the Launch of the Scouting Module and Receives First talent applications.

Dec 3, 2018 · 3 min read

TokenStars, the first talent management project on the blockchain, announces the launch of Scouting module — the core part of its platform. The first applications of junior tennis players (ranked among Top-250 ITF) are already submitted and available for the review!

There’s been a while since we’ve published our roadmap in September. Meanwhile, we are not standing in one place and we move fast speed along the project track.

Since our last update we’ve launched several core modifications to the TokenStars platform and now are ready to announce it. So, here are the new things that happened over the last 2 months:

  • We’ve launched the new user Dashboard, where ACE and TEAM token holders can register for fulfilling different roles at the TokenStars platform.
  • We’ve developed a full set of blockchain support for the smart contracts, which records all the key actions of the token holders and sports scouts, including awards for submitting of the athletes and progress of the scouting applications along the approval process.

And, finally, the BIG NEWS is here. We’ve launched the Scouting Module full scale and already got several applications from junior tennis players from all over the world.

Two of them are already accessible for our token holders’ review, the others will gradually appear on the platform in the nearest days.

Please welcome our first-movers!

Alexander Bernard, from Bonita Springs, USA. Alexander is 15 years old, he is playing tennis since 5. Currently, he is in the top 250 in International Tennis Federation ranking and he is actively training in the Gomez Tennis Academy in Naples, Florida.

Lauren Anzalotta, 16, from Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. Lauren is playing tennis since 6, and at the current moment, she reached position #106 in the ITF ranking! She won 12 tournaments since 2016 and continues to progress in tennis career with high expectations towards her professional future.

After the assessment from TokenStars tennis experts, we will progress to the Voting stage when TokenStars community with ACE tokens can vote and select those junior talents who will be contracted by TokenStars and get financial support to progress in their future careers.

Don’t forget to check your updated TokenStars dashboard and add the wallet address with ACE & TEAM tokens balance.

Scouts, who’ve submitted these applications, will get their award sizing up to the equivalent of $1000 in ACE & TEAM tokens and depending on how far the application progresses in the assessment process.

We actively encourage you to join the platform, introduce prospective talents to our project, submit them to the TokenStas Scouting module and gain your scouting awards!

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