Marketing Of Sport Versus Marketing Through Sport: They Are Not The Same

“Pure” sports marketing

  • Make an impression on the fans, give them a “spectacle” in one form or another, in order to provoke the expression of emotions, empathy, and interest in certain events.
  • Increase loyalty to a specific sports club or athlete, as well as demonstrate the sponsor’s belonging to “ours”, that is, to a club and a sports brand.
  • Encourage journalists to write emotional articles where the reader is encouraged to side with a particular club.
  • Encourage the fan to be like your sports idol, such as the captain of the soccer team.

Sports Marketing Cases


  • We attracted new fans (by the way, the age of fans is from 15 to 90 years old).
  • Increased the recognition of the team.
  • Merchandise sales increased by 15% compared to the previous year.

Marketing through sport

Marketing through sport cases



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