TokenStars 2020 in Review:
Main Events And Achievements

2020 was a big challenge for us — because of the pandemic, sports life was frozen for a long period. But at the same time, staying in touch became so important. We did various fan activities, training, and poker tournaments. And, hoping for a better future, we were looking for new athletes to join our community, both juniors, and professionals. Read about this and much more in our annual review.

  • PRO football player joined our team
  • 4 tennis juniors signed a contract with TokenStars
  • 2 new players joined the poker stream
  • 14 fan activities are held on the platform
  • Significant progress of TokenStars sportsmen
  • Tokens are listed on 2 new DEXes

PRO football player joined our team

In November, we signed a contract with Sergey Kornilenko. He is a Belarusian professional football coach and a former player who played as a striker. At the age of 16, he made his debut in the Higher League of Belarus. The next season the promising striker was invited to Dinamo Minsk. Sergey won the champion title in three countries — Belarus (Dinamo Minsk), Ukraine (Dynamo Kyiv), Russia (Zenit). During the 10/11 season played in the English Premier League for Blackpool FC.

Despite the end of his career as a player, Sergey continues to connect his life with football. In the summer of 2020, Sergey Kornilenko became the sports director of Krylia Sovetov. We see a marketing potential in working with him. He is already chosen by major brands as an opinion leader, as a person who is trusted. Sergey became the ambassador of the Chery car brand and the voice of Yandex.Navigator.

4 tennis juniors signed a contract with TokenStars

During the year, we received 28 applications from players from literally every corner of the planet — from Brazil and Switzerland to Egypt and South Korea. Some of the players did not receive positive feedback from our experts, others could not go through the voting stage on the platform. But one way or another, we signed contracts with four promising players that we are really proud of.

Tennis scouting funnel in 2020

The players, who signed a Talent support agreement with TokenStars in 2020

  • Togan Tokac (16 y.0, Turkey)
  • Aziz Dadabaev (18 y.0, Uzbekistan)
  • Ibrokhimjon Urinov (18 y.0, Uzbekistan)

Togan started playing tennis at the age of 3. In November 2019, he was the J5 Stavanjer finalist in Norway. In 2020 Togan reached the semi-finals in two J3 events in Swedish Bromma and Trnava (Slovakia).

In 2019, Aziz won three J5 tournaments and is planning to enter the top 100 ITF Juniors ranking this year. The highest career rank is the 138th position. In 2020 he had an 86% win rate, according to the ITF Ranking.

In 2019, Ibrokhimjon started winning the Futures, earning his first ATP points. At the end of the year, he played the Futures 25k doubles semi-finals and singles quarterfinals. Due to the pandemic, he could not play international tournaments in 2020.

Two new players joined the poker stream

For 2020, our community had 22 applications from poker players. 11 players did not pass the expert evaluation stage. 9 players were able to pass the expert assessment, but at the voting stage they could not get enough votes to get into our team. During the year, 2 contracts were signed with Denis Puisha and Vladislavs Perovs, poker players from Belarus and Latvia.

Four professional poker players play for the Tokenstars team now

Tobias Schaff is a 29-year-old player from Germany. Tobias has two children and a dog. After high school, he completed his studies in real estate and worked for 2 years, then switched to insurance. For the past 4 years, Tobias has been making a living playing live and online poker. He is currently the poker coach of the Tokenstars team.

  • ITM: 27.4%
  • ROI: 33.4%
  • Profit: 45,000 $

Marco D’Amiko is from Italy. He has been playing poker since 2007. In the beginning, like all players, Marco was a recreational player. As a result of hard training and a large number of tournaments played, Marco became a regular player and began to win large sums. In his spare time, he spends time with his child, travels the world, and plays live poker. Marco’s main goal is to get a high score, such as SCOOP or WSOP title.

  • ITM: 26.4%
  • ROI: 20.4%
  • Profit: $ 266,080

Lucas Fruchbauer is a 28-year-old player from the Czech Republic. He started playing poker at the age of 25 and has shown good results during this period. He wants to achieve great heights in poker and become a high-roller player. Lucas is improving his skills every day, practicing and studying game theory.

  • ITM: 28.4%
  • ROI: 3%
  • Profit: 8,000 $

Denis Puisha is a 26-year-old player from Belarus. He has been playing poker for four years, with poker being the main source of income for 2 years. Denis wants to increase the limits of his game and thereby increase his income.

  • ITM: 28.1%
  • ROI: 8%
  • Profit: 7,263 $

15 fan activities are held on the platform

Throughout the year, we have carried out various initiatives on our platform. Participants could either acquire unique experiences and items or earn tokens by completing tasks.

2 poker sessions with Denis Puisha and Tobias Schaaf

During the training session, participants play the Sit and Go tournament on, and experts help to analyze the game, conduct a theoretical lecture, and at the end of the tournament analyze the most difficult distributions in detail. All of this will help increase the game level.

The training is based on the needs of a particular player. For example, on his last training, Denis Puisha analyzed the player’s most difficult hands, helped to improve the pre-flop game, gave advice on correct betting, and also taught the player how to make triple raises correctly.

7 charity auctions

Today, social responsibility has become an indispensable attribute of business. At TokenStars, we also share this approach. Since 2019, we have been helping various organizations by conducting crypto auctions with sports stars.

This year, among other things, we have supported several initiatives aimed at helping victims of the coronavirus. For instance, we supported the Zhivoy Foundation. They help doctors who fight coronavirus in distant points of Russia, by providing first-class protective equipment: suits, shields, gloves, shoe covers. Another charity action was organized by the Need Help Charitable Fund. It started an initiative designed to support people who are in difficult situations due to the COVID-19.

Here is a list of the athletes who, together with us, made the world a better place this year:

  • Veronika Kudermetova​ — #36 WTA player
  • Fedor Chalov​ — Russian national team player, the RPL 18/19 top scorer
  • Sergey Kornilenko​ — football national champion in three countries
  • Daria Kasatkina​ — 2018 Kremlin Cup winner
  • Alexey Sutormin​ — the RPL champion of the 19/20 season
  • Alexey Miranchuk​ — Atalanta & Russian national team football player
  • Krylia Sovetov — professional football team from Samara, Russia
Personal tennis racquet from Daria Kasatkina

3 poker freeroll tournaments

We have continued a tradition we started in late 2019 with three free poker tournaments for the community. It is also a tool to attract new players to the poker stream and expand our audience. 37,000 TEAM tokens were transferred as prize money.

Bounty contest and fan communication activity with Alexey Sutormin

As part of our cooperation with Alexey Sutormin, a player at the most popular Russian football club Zenit, we held a photo contest on Instagram. Users sent snapshots of their favorite football memories. Alexey chose the photo that he liked the most and published it in his stories. And the winner received 500 TEAM tokens. Also on New Year’s Eve, Alexey recorded a congratulation for 7-year-old Yegor from Krasnoyarsk. Yegor’s mother decided to make such an unusual gift to her son. They got a new portion of New Year’s mood thanks to Alexey.

Significant progress of TokenStars sportsmen

Our footballers got some valuable trophies during the year. Porto player Otavio Monteiro became the champion of the Portuguese Super League. Alexey Sutormin won the Russian Champion title and the Russian Cup, playing for Zenit St. Petersburg.

Tennis PRO Veronika Kudermetova rose in the WTA ranking from 42nd to 36th line in singles. She also reached the US Open semifinals in the women’s doubles together with Anna Blinkova. So far it is the best Grand Slam result for Veronika.

Veronika Kudermetova and Anna Blinkova at US Open semifinals

Our poker players take part in hundreds of tournaments during the year, but here are some honorable mentions, too. On March 8, Lucas Fruchbauer took first place in the $ 22 buy-in tournament. The tournament was attended by 735 people, Lucas was able to beat all opponents by showing an incredible game. The tournament lasted 6 hours, Lucas earned $ 2,442.

In February, Tobias Schaaf and Marco D’Amico participated in the 888poker LIVE Festival Madrid 888 € main event. Tobias scored 82nd place, winning € 2,000 while Marco has reached the final table and achieved 7th place, € 24,000.

On March 29th, Marco D’Amico took 3rd place in the bounty hunters tournament at Pokerstars and earned $ 26,380. The tournament was attended by 4632 people, and it lasted more than 10 hours.

Marco playing 888poker Madrid Live Festival

Tokens are listed on 2 new DEXes

Starting in 2020, in addition to BitRabbit and Bit-Z, ACE and TEAM can be found on two decentralized exchanges, 1inch and Uniswap, which has increased the availability of tokens for our community.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is a crypto exchange based on blockchain technology. DEX excludes intermediaries from the exchange chain and allows the exchange of digital assets between users directly (peer-to-peer) through smart contracts or other algorithms based on a distributed ledger.

The main difference is that decentralized exchanges don’t have a single point of failure. Centralized (CEX) exchanges store users’ funds and personal data on one or more servers, which makes them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Users of decentralized crypto exchanges independently store private keys from crypto wallets and have complete control over their account. Any external interference is excluded: the wallet cannot be blocked or hacked. Besides, there is no need to disclose personal information to trade on DEX-exchanges.

Another difference is that centralized exchanges act as intermediaries in transactions between users. The exchange becomes isolated from the community, and there is no transparency in transactions. Due to the absence of intermediaries and therefore increased maintenance costs, decentralized platforms can offer lower fees.

About TokenStars

TokenStars is a blockchain-based platform that connects rising talents and successful professionals in sports and entertainment with fans and advertisers. ACE and TEAM tokens by TokenStars provide the fans opportunities to interact with their favorite athletes and celebrities as well as to support their careers. Learn more:

TokenStars also provides financial support to promising tennis players aged 16–20 to develop their professional sports careers. You can also suggest a talented player and make a submission on the website and get a reward for this:




The first celebrity management platform on blockchain. TEAM token sale completed.

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The first celebrity management platform on blockchain. TEAM token sale completed.

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