TokenStars August Report: All Hands On Deck

In August we had lots of activity in all our major areas of work: auction, bounty task and predictions contest in football, new applications and polls in both poker and tennis. In addition, a young and budding tennis player joined our team! So let’s have a closer look at our August results.

  • The auction with Alexey Sutormin is finished
  • Bounty task is completed
  • 9 new applications: 5 in tennis, 4 in poker
  • 8 voting procedures: 5 in tennis, 3 in poker
  • Contract with Togan Tokac is signed
  • Expanded Prediction Competition
  • Linus wins the Mini Battle Royale

The auction with Alexey Sutormin is finished

In July our signed player Alexey Sutormin won the champion title of the Russian Premier League. Zenit confidently outplayed Krasnodar with the final score of 4–2. It was the shortest victory in the whole RPL history, four rounds to go. Alexey made the last goal in the match against Krasnodar. To celebrate this event we created an auction and a bounty contest with him.

A personally autographed jersey of Alexey Sutormin, worn during the first half of the Russian Premier League season 19/20, went under the hammer for 122$. The money is transferred to Podari Zhizn charitable foundation. It focuses on treatment, support, and rehabilitation of children and young adults with oncological, hematological, and other life-threatening conditions in Russia and CIS.

Bounty task is completed

Together with Alexey, we also held a contest on Instagram, where users posted their favorite football-related pictures. Alexey chose the best photo and congratulated the winner in his stories. The winner received 500 TEAM tokens and a ticket for the sports quiz from our partners.

Poker results

Last month, we received applications from four poker players, Nikolay Selyuk, Gatis Reigas, Robert Hegedus, and Otabek Azimboev.

Nikolay is from Russia. He is 28 years old. He has 8 years of poker experience. Gatis is from Latvia. His strongest advantage — low stakes. Gatis’s average profit is 11$. His major win is 1580$ on MTT. Robert is a Spanish player. He has been playing poker for over 10 years. Otabek is a player from Kyrgyzstan. He has no statistics, as he started playing poker quite recently.

Due to no statistics, Otabek was rejected by our expert. So a vote was taken for the first three players. Unfortunately, according to the results of the voting, none of them passed the selection.

Voting results

  • Gatis Regas — 5.6% — Yes, 94.4% — No.
  • Robert Hegedus — 11.9% — Yes, 88.1% — No.
  • Nikolay Selyuk — 5%-YES, 95%-NO.

We were unable to accept players in the community due to a lack of experience and ineffective statistics.

Robert Hegedus
Gatis Reigas
Nikolay Selyuk

Tennis results

In August 5 new players applied to the TokenStars’s Young Athlete Support program:

  • Filip Pieczonka (Poland)
  • Aya El Aouni (Morocco)
  • Sabrina Kalandarov (Israel)
  • Peter Kalocsai (Hungary)
  • Hamza El Amine (Spain)

Voting results

Five players among July and August applicants passed the voting stage. All players successfully passed the community poll. Our congratulations!

Contract with Togan Tokac is signed

Young and purposeful tennis player Togan Tokac became the first junior tennis player, who signed a contract with TokenStars this year! Togan is from Turkey. He started playing tennis at the age of 3. In November 2019 he was the J5 Stavanjer finalist in Norway. In 2020 Togan reached semi-finals in two J3 events in Swedish Bromma and Trnava (Slovakia).

According to our expert, Togan has good potential for stable serve with 200 km/h speed. The resulting score of evaluation was 3.91/5. And this is one of the highest results among the applicants so far. He was also approved by the community with 77.2% of votes.

Togan has successfully completed all the stages of selection and we are happy to announce that we’ve signed a tennis talent agreement and ready to work together. TokenStars will provide assistance in financing and marketing promotion for Togan.

Expanded Prediction Competition

For the last couple of months we followed football matches from all of Europe and in August the final games of the Europa League finals and the Champions League took place. The August contest lasted for 10 days and we increased the prize pool to 7500 TEAM. Greetings to Sevilla, Bayern and the top 102 contestants! As usual, the winner got 10% of the whole bank.

Linus wins the Mini Battle Royale

On the 13th of August, our signed player Linus Rosenstein took 1st place in the Mini Battle Royale tournament. The tournament lasted 8.5 hours and the total number of participants was 1817. The heads-up battle in the PokerStars $11 Mini Battle Royale featured straateflu$h (Linus) taking on jkatulka. In the end, straateflu$h came out the winner and cashed for $2,132. Linus is a very experienced player with over 6000 played tournaments so far.

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