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TokenStars December Report:
No Cross, No Crown

December is the month when everyone sums up the results of the outgoing year. We were also in a hurry to complete many tasks. And we succeeded — in seven of the nine modules of TokenStars’ platform, we have news that we hasten to share with you.

  • Contract with Ibrokhimjon Urinov is signed
  • Auction with Krylia Sovetov FC is ended
  • Training session with Denis Puisha
  • Esports in the Predictions Module
  • 6 applications in poker
  • Fan communication activity with Alexey Sutormin

Now let’s talk in more detail about each of the events.

Contract with Ibrokhimjon Urinov is signed

In December, Ibrokhimjon Urinov from Uzbekistan joined our team of promising players. In doubles, he plays with Aziz Dadabaev, with whom we signed a contract in the fall. Ibrahim is one of the best players of his age in the country.

We hope that the partnership with TokenStars will allow Ibrokhimjon to improve his skills and move faster to the high lines of the ATP rating.

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Ibrokhimjon Urinov (on the left) and Aziz Dadabaev

“I am Ibrokhimjon Urinov, born on July 20, 2002, in the capital of Uzbekistan. I started my tennis career at the age of 7 with coach Ravshan Sultanov, who trains me to this day. At the age of 14, I went as the third number to the Davis Cup, where we took 9th place, then I played the finals in a pair and did not go further a quarter alone finals, at the age of 16, I also got to the Davis Cup with the 3rd number where we took 2nd place. When preparing for the World Group, I beat both the 2nd and 1st numbers and won 3 ITF in a row, won ITF in a pair. So I went as the first number to the Davis cup world, where I won 10th place. I had a tremendous experience, finishing 2018 tournaments in China, Thailand. I am still the first number in the age of 2002 to this day. In 2019, I started by winning the Futures, earning my first ATP points. At the end of the year, I played the Futures 25k doubles semi-finals and the futures 25k singles quarterfinals. Due to the pandemic, I did not play international tournaments in 2020. I hope 2021 will be successful for me.”

Auction with Krylia Sovetov FC is ended

Dmitry Kabutov’s limited edition T-shirt, signed by the players of the Krylia Sovetov team, issued in gratitude to the doctors who fought the coronavirus epidemic in Russia is on it’s way to the auction winner!

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  • Maxim Karpov (50)
  • Evgeniy Frolov (39)
  • Maxim Kanunnikov (99)
  • Anton Zinkovsky (17)
  • Dmitry Kombarov (23)
  • Dmitry Kabutov (77)
  • Nikita Chernov (3)
  • Ivan Lomaev (1)
  • Vladimir Polulyakhtov (2)
  • Taras Burlak (90)
  • Anton Paul (28)
  • Roman Yezhov (11)
  • Artem Timofeev (40)

We thank the Parimatch company for the provided lot. There were 9 bets in the auction and the highest one was $49.

Training session with Denis Puisha

Denis Puisha held a poker training session for a player from Russia. The participant has been playing poker for half a year. He already knows a lot about this game. He won prizes at small stakes and he already has experience in cash games.

  • Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Tournament type: Sit and Go
  • Profit per session: 38% of the bankroll

Denis analyzed the most difficult hands, helped to improve the pre-flop game, gave advice on correct betting, and also taught the player how to make triple raises correctly. The training was productive because our participant not only received a lot of useful advice but also won some money!

6 applications in poker

For December 2020, we had 6 applications from poker players. Unfortunately, three players could not pass the vote:

Vadim has been playing poker for 10 years. His profit for the entire time is $ 34,000, his ROI is 24%.

Abdullah started playing poker in 2005.

Profit: 1000 $, ROI: 18%, ITM: 19.8%

Denis has been playing poker for over 10 years. His profit is $ 1,700 and the average ROI is 52%.

  • Vadim Neb: 46.4% — Yes, 53.6% — No.
  • Abdullah Turkistani: 12.9% — Yes, 87.1% — No.
  • Denis Zainulin: 0% — Yes, 100% — No.

The other three did not pass the expert assessment due to poor statistics:

Profit: 78 $, ROI: 15%, ITM: 24%

Profit: 520 $, ROI: 39%, ITM: 36%

No statistics provided.

Esports in the Predictions Module

This December we were following esports. won the first division of EPIC League Season 2 in Dota 2. In the grand final, the CIS team defeated OG with a score of 3: 2. VP received $ 200,000 for the victory.

Twitch viewers have spent over 21 million hours streaming EPIC League Division 1 matches. This is the best result among Dota 2 tournaments, excluding The International series. And we congratulate the top 100 predictors who shared the prize pool of 3000 TEAM tokens!

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Fan communication activity with Alexey Sutormin

2020 has been a year of grappling with hardships for the entire planet. In the year that the word of the year has become “lockdown”, it is especially important to stay connected and support each other.

For the second time in the fan communications module, we held a campaign of congratulations with our PRO player Alexey Sutormin.

This year, Alexey has already recorded a congratulation for 7-year-old Yegor from Krasnoyarsk. Yegor’s mother decided to make such an unusual gift to her son. They got a new portion of New Year’s mood thanks to Alexey.

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