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TokenStars Expands Its Client Portfolio

Apr 2, 2019 · 2 min read

TokenStars — the first sports management platform on blockchain — goes to a new level. This year we started to cooperate closely with the football industry, and the results are already on the plate: last month we signed a contract with João Klauss De Mello and recently Otávio Edmilson da Silva Monteiro joined TokenStars platform.

Otávio Edmilson da Silva Monteiro, commonly known as Otávio is a Brazilian attacking midfielder, playing for FC Porto. With his team, Otávio became the Portuguese League champion and won the Super Cup in 2018. This season he appeared in 32 games (5 goals, 8 assists), while FC Porto ties the first place in the championship and prepares to face FC Liverpool in Champions League quarterfinals.

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João Klauss De Mello — LASK striker, champion and top scorer of Finland — recently joined TokenStars platform and he’s already holding his contest in the Bounty Fan Club. Klauss invited our users to create a LASK match preview with his photo and compete for a reward of 20,000 TEAM tokens. It’s not only the chance for contestants to show their creativity but also to cooperate more closely with a great footballer — Klauss will choose the winner of this bounty campaign and post the best picture on his Instagram.

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We’re creating new opportunities for players to attract fans and grow their influencing potential. Both Otávio and Klauss will create exclusive activities with their fans on the TokenStars platform and cooperate more closely with ACE and TEAM tokenholders.

For more information: follow the project’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Medium or take a look at our videos on YouTube.

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