TokenStars July Report:
On the way to the goal

July brought us some success in scouting players for our team. There were also activities for community members — training sessions, our traditional prediction competition, and more. Read the details below.

  • Two training sessions with Denis

Two training sessions with Denis

In one hour and forty minutes, the player and Denis played a tournament on Pokerstars. In addition, Denis shared advice from his practice.

Denis told and showed what should be the opening range for each of the positions and gave ready-made tables by which you need to navigate (ideally memorize). He also talked about opening sizing, which is also very important in order not to lose at a distance and not show the strength of our hands — you need to open almost always with identical sizing.

Another part, no less important, is protecting the big blind against each of the positions. He showed and gave tables with ready-made ranges in the big blind. At first, Denis recommends prying as the game progresses until it is perfected to the utmost automatism.

The second training was held in the discipline 9-max No-limit Holdem. In the first part of the lesson, there was a short introduction to the basic aspects (open raises, bet sizing, general ranges for all positions at the table). In the second part, practical training, with loaded tables under the strict guidance of a coach.

Results of the practical part of the training:

  • ROI 107%

You can sign up for a training session with Denis Puisha in the fan communications module. You will be able to agree on a suitable time for you and inform the coach in advance what details of the game you would like to understand better.

Boots from Vadim Karpov are sold

On the 8th of April Vadim Karpov scored his first goal in official matches for CSKA. On the day of the match against Arsenal Tula, he was 18 years old and 268 days old. Vadim has become the youngest CSKA defender to score goals in official matches since 1936.

In July, we found a buyer who became the proud owner of the boots. The cost was 25,000 TEAM tokens.

The money was donated to the RUS Foodbank. It provides food and necessities for people in difficult life situations. The fund buys food products at maximum discounts or receives them free of charge from manufacturers who are ready to help.

Two applications in the Scouting module

Andrey Kolkovskiy has been playing poker for just one year. However, he took part in more than 37K tournaments. His profit for the entire time is $4,821, his ROI is 13%.

Another application was from Sergey Kezik from Belarus.

  • ROI 34.6%

Thanks to the positive statistics, we admitted both players to the voting stage. Andrey got 84.2% of the votes, while Sergey got 88.7%. Thus, both poker players received the approval from our community. Now we are working on the terms of contracts that we can offer to players.

Wimbledon in the Predictions module

We’ve been following team sports over the past few months. But along with the July warmth, the time came for probably the main tennis world championship.

Even though the championship titles for Ashley Barty and Novak Djokovic were the most anticipated, several sensations still happened during the tournament. We congratulate the winners of the prediction competition, who made the least mistakes when evaluating matches.

Distribution of tokens:

  • First place — 3800 TEAM

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The first celebrity management platform on blockchain. TEAM token sale completed.

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The first celebrity management platform on blockchain. TEAM token sale completed.