Apr 4, 2019 · 3 min read

TokenStars Partners with PATRON to Reach New Markets and Connect Sports Influencers with Fans

Lately, our team was increasingly focusing on building the clients portfolio, bringing new sports stars and prospective talents on TokenStars platform. At the same time, we’re continuously studying the collaboration opportunities within the crypto sphere that will expand our network, add expertise across new markets and introduce more talents and influencers to TokenStars community. So today we’re excited to announce a partnership with PATRON!

PATRON is the blockchain-based platform where influencer will connect with sponsors and followers.

Our partnership allows PATRON influencers to join TokenStars platform and run their interactions with fans and advertisers for ACE & TEAM tokens. We’re focusing primarily on cooperation with sports-related influencers, but we’re more than happy to welcome great opinion leaders from various fields.

In addition, through this partnership, it will be easier for TokenStars players to enter the Asian markets. PATRON has especially strong expertise and network in the Japanese, Korean and Chinese regions, so our collaboration will allow players to increase their fan base and attract more sponsors.

TokenStars is a sports management platform which connects rising talents and successful professionals with fans and advertisers. ACE and TEAM tokens by TokenStars provide the fans with opportunities to interact with their favorite athletes and celebrities as well as to support their careers.

PATRON is a new influencer marketing platform, which is using blockchain technology to connect brands, influencers, and fans in a sharing economy. The Japanese platform successfully raised $40 million in early 2018 and has since expanded globally and attracted big names to come on board. With a particular focus on Asia, PATRON has already started attracting global influencers, encouraging the launching of new markets.

This January John McAfee joined PATRON and in an interview with Forbes, he said: “Influencers have become more powerful than celebrities when converting fans and consumers to a product or service. People trust other people they can relate to, whether on a personal or inspirational level, as long as influencers remain authentic and true to themselves.”

We’re glad to be a part of such a rapidly growing market and this partnership has all the chances to boost the mutual progress and bring TokenStars & PATRON to the new heights.

For more information: follow the project’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Medium or take a look at our videos on YouTube.

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